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Why Select For Sale For Lease to Sell your Own Home?

Industry Leading Exposure For Your Listing

It doesn’t matter whether you are leasing or selling your own home, For Sale For Lease provide you with the biggest amount of exposure for your property. We will list your property on up to 10 of the biggest Real Estate websites in Australia including,, and more, so if you are looking for the maximum amount of exposure to help you to get the maximum amount of enquiries and the best sale or rental price, choose! A full list of the websites we list your property on can be found below:

  1. Residential Sales
  2. Residential Leasing
  3. Commercial Sales
  4. Commercial Leasing
  5. Business Sales

Or you can find a combined list of all of the Residential, Commercial and Business portals by clicking here.

FREE For Sale or For Lease Signage

With every property that is listed with For Sale For Lease, we will give you a free for sale or for lease sign. Your signage will be sent out to your preferred address within 48 hours after you have provided us with the delivery address.

FREE Market Analysis & Campaign Reports

On request, For Sale For Lease can send you custom Market Analysis and Comparable Property Reports so that you can get an idea of what property is going for in your area to help you to decide upon your own price. In addition to this, each and every client will get a monthly campaign report from their, or listings. This will show end-to-end engagement stats such as listing views, gallery views, phone enquiries, email enquiries and more. This service comes as standard to all of our clients and is completely automated so that you get it on time, every time.

FREE Dedicated Phone, Live Chat & Email Support

For Sale For Lease has a dedicated team of Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support staff as well as our management team, more than any other For Sale By Owner or Private House Sales website. When you get started with For Sale For Lease, you get unrivalled support and assistance to help you to sell or lease your property as efficiently and as affordable as possible. When you call For Sale For Lease, we have three dedicated lines to ensure that your concerns are addressed in a timely manner. You can also contact us via the Support tab at the top of your screen or get instant responses to your query through our Live Chat Support. Just click the “Chat Now” on the lower right side corner of this page.

Dashboard To Manage Your Property Listing

Our Listing Management system is first-rate. You can login to manage your listing directly from our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can edit things like your listing descriptions, your property images and media, floor plans, open times and just about anything else you can think of. Simply hit the Member Login button at the top of your screen and you will get two options to login to your account and edit your listing.

Automatic Enquiry Forwarding

Generally speaking, 90% of your overall enquiries will come via email. For Sale For Lease has a very sophisticated backend enquiry forwarding system, which determines which property the enquiry has come from and then automatically sends out the enquiry to the Vendor’s email address on file. Within just 30 minutes, our clients get a notification in their email inbox telling them that they have a new lead to follow-up on. When it comes to phone enquiries from your property listing, your potential buyers or tenants will call our 1300 number, press line #1 for Property Enquiries and then leave a message with our Customer Service team. As soon as the message is taken, it is put into an email and sent out to your email inbox too.

Online Tenancy Application Form

1Form online tenancy form is a secure application management system and a fully customisable tenancy application form. Your applicants can send their rental applications online with their supporting documents with ease the first time around.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

For Sale For Lease is the only company in the Private House Sales space that offer a Money Back Guarantee! If you do not sell your own house via our website, we will refer you to a local agent who can help you to sell your property and we will refund 100% of your money upon successful sale.

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