If you’re selling your house, then you’ve probably wished you could read your buyer’s mind. “Did he like our curb? Was our bathroom clean enough? What is he looking for in a house?”. These are the burning questions most sellers think of while showing their property. Needlessly ask yourself no longer! We’ve already asked them for you.


Everybody has access to the internet, and it is here that buyers do their preliminary home search. Flaunt your house for the world to see with professional photographs that captures your home in the best light possible. Hire a professional (link)  to get the best results.


Buyers naturally want a new house for a fresh start in life. They are compelled by neutral hues that can be compared to a blank canvas that they can paint their new life on. Popular colours include beige and gray which are easily complemented by other colours. Using neutral colors also mean that your furnishings and fixtures take center stage.


Considered as the home’s heart, the kitchen can single handedly sell your house. Realtors report that an updated kitchen makes a property into a hot commodity among buyers.Give it some special love by updating your countertops and refrigerator, and inspecting if your lighting is adequate enough.


As popularized by fashionista movies, the so called “walk-in” closet is now in every woman’s dream. Buyers get excited when they see big spaces with plenty of shelves and closet rods where they can place and hang all their clothes, shoes and accessories. Give them just what they want by creating your own walk-in closet. Do this by expanding the master’s bedroom into an adjacent small bedroom, especially if your house has more than four bedrooms. Even for men, this can be a big thumbs up.


In this generation, buyers often look for hassle free homes that require little attention to clean and tidy up. They prefer tiled or wooden floors instead of carpeted ones, stainless steel or laminated countertops instead of marble, and stone facades instead of wood to name a few. Young buyers often imagine their weekends to be spent on parties, get-togethers, or just for relaxing, instead of fixing the front door or vacuuming the house.

Pro tip: If your house is fully carpeted, try to determine what kind of floor is under it so buyers have an alternative if they don’t like your current floor.


Consider staging a room in your house as an office as most buyers today prefer to have a special room designated for work and concentration or just a place dedicated for their laptop and printer. Arranging a desk, some chairs, a bookshelf and a few office supplies can turn a room into a simple office. Easy.


This is an independent variable that you may have no control over, but nonetheless, buyers are looking for satisfying cellular coverage and strong internet connection. Be prepared to answer queries about them.

All in all, buyers are smarter and tech savvier than ever. The internet and mobile phones have changed the real estate game considerably. Give your house a head start into the race that is property selling by knowing what the market wants and you’ll undoubtedly earn your pay unexpectedly early.


Did this article help you answer what your buyers are looking for? If yes, prepare yourself! Buyers will now be asking you some questions. Never let your buyers be the wiser with “Preparing for Home Buyer Questions”.

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