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National Tenancy Database (NTD) Check

national tenancy database (NTD) checksAs Australia’s largest and most highly endorsed tenancy database, National Tenancy Database (NTD) has been providing thousands of real estate agents and landlords throughout Australia with daily access to over 1.5 million individuals’ tenancy files holding over 21 years worth of valuable information contributed by thousands of members, along with access to over 2 million public record files and 1 million commercial credit files held by Veda, the largest and most sophisticated provider of business intelligence in Australia and New Zealand.

NTD is the leading authority on tenancy information in both the residential and corporate sectors, Australia-wide. The database contains accurate information that is vital for landlords to be able to professionally look after their investment property. Information on the database is only available to licenced estate agents and approved property managers by way of membership subscription. For Sale For Lease holds this subscription. * All of our clients who sign up with the residential lease and management package receive one free NTD check

Key Benefits Of Conducting A NTD Check:

  1. Check if your applicants have had a bad rental history recorded on file.
  2. Access information privileged only for NTD subscribers.
  3. Conduct an NTD check at a fraction of the cost a conventional agency will charge.
  4. Receive a response within 1 business day of requesting an NTD check.