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Floor Plans

A floor plan diagram is an important step in showing the potential buyer a property. It lets them visualise where everything is very quickly, and along with the photographs they can build an image in their mind which can be a positive step in the sales process.

Our contractor’s professional photographers are trained to measure the building dimensions on-site using the latest digital measuring devices. Their rough drawings are sent to the art room for floor plan artists to accurately reproduce the floor plan. The plan will depict all rooms including indications of robes, kitchen, bathroom and laundry fittings, and include main room dimensions. Site plans can also be drawn to show the location of the residence, garage, carport, pool, courtyards and other out buildings on the block.

Floor plans

Key benefits of ordering floor plans through For Sale For Lease:

  • Have a clean modern look
  • Are easy to read and navigate
  • Use modern fittings and icons
  • Can be drawn in colour (additional charges apply)
  • Can be incorporated with property brochures (additional charges apply)