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ACT Listing listingOne market that and Domain don’t dominate is Australian Capital Territory (ACT). When asked “where did you first see advertised the property you purchased?” a staggering 89% of Canberra home buyers surveyed answered*. In November 2011 it was reported that, an independent ACT-based company, not only dominated ACT market but was moving into Tasmania as well.

Allhomes has managed to dominate the ACT due to intensive advertising and targeting a niche audience – that is, just the ACT. Their position is that far ahead of and Domain that it’s been reported that both were looking into purchasing Allhomes in 2010, with one party close to deal falling over in the eleventh hour**.

Advertising a residential property for sale on privately costs $1595 for the ACT/Queanbeyan region and $395 for all other supported regions, and advertising a residential rental property privately costs $245 for ACT/Queanbeyan and $95 for all other supported regions. With For Sale For Lease, you get a better deal AND you get advertised on other popular websites such as,, and more.

Benefits of listing your property on With Us:

  1. dominates the online real estate market in the ACT
  2. Strong and growing presence in Tasmania
  3. Listing with For Sale For Lease is 19% cheaper for residential sale listings with our Upfront package^ and $5 cheaper with our Until Sold package than listing privately on, plus you get advertised on a whole heap of other residential sale and rental websites and gain access to our resources and expertise.