It is when you open your property for inspection that you would certainly get the goosebumps sometimes. Advertising your home, whether through the internet or otherwise, is not a difficult task.  You could actually say what you want through the ads and not worry about people’s reactions.  You could exaggerate a little or use plenty of superlatives in describing your property just to make sure that you get the most number of potential clients.  However, there would always come a time when these people would actually request to inspect the property.  You should not deny them this because inspection is a process that they may have to undergo before they would decide in getting the place.

One of the first few things that you should do is to clean the property as much as you can.  In cleaning this, you may tend to emphasize more on the most obvious locations, such as the living room, the pantry or kitchen, and the bedrooms.  However, there are some clients who are really meticulous and may demand that they also check the basement or even the attic.  If they find out that these are dirty, they may get discouraged.  Therefore, you may as well clean these too.

Potential buyers or renters may want to know whether all the utilities are working.  While touring them throughout the property, it is possible that they would switch on the lights or open the faucet without asking permission from you.  Of course, if these are off, then they may think that these are defective, which is obviously an impression that you would not want to see being developed.  Be sure to turn on the utilities during the scheduled inspection.  This would compel you to make the inspections on these items yourself before the guests would find out about it.  You should fix everything that needs to be fixed.

The preparation for open house or for inspection is even more necessary if the place that you are offering is fully furnished.  Under this circumstance, you should not just dwell on the structure but also on the appliances.  You need to check if every one of these is actually functioning.  Sometimes, the people doing the inspection would not really check out if the appliances are really working.  All that they would do is to see if the pilot light illuminates once the appliance is turned on.  Therefore, you should give importance to this too.

While you may give more attention to how the interior of the property looks, you should never forget that the very first thing that potential buyers or renters would see is the exterior.  Because of this, you definitely have to make sure that the exterior part of the property is all well-prepared.  This means that you may have to do some work here too.  If there is a lawn, the grasses should be trimmed.  Repainting the exterior may also be necessary, especially if the property is old already and the signs of wear and tear are already very obvious.

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