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Top Reasons Why Home Sellers Sell

a guide to the advantages and disadvantages of selling property yourself


Whatever the season, it seems that there will never be a lapse on properties in the market. Have you ever wondered why? Whether you’re someone who is planning to enter the market, or someone just genuinely curious, we serve to you the major reasons why people sell their homes. Find out if yours got listed.


Too small

Families often grow too big for their house. Most people sell their house and look for bigger houses that will fit their increasing needs and wants. After all, bigger is better.

Chasing the job

A job relocation is the second most common reason for selling a house. Especially for small families or singles, when a longer commute route outweighs moving hassles.

You are the neighborhood you have

Life isn’t constant. And so is your neighborhood. Maybe a new highway has been constructed nearby, or the majority of your friendly neighbors already moved and were replaced with younger, wilder ones that often party until the morning.

The kids aren’t kids anymore

The children have already moved out and your house echoes at the slightest noises. Your house is too big for you and your partner now so you want a smaller house that’s friendlier on your knees. Also, an unseen perk of downsizing is less cleaning.

Nearer to your family

As people age we want to be closer to our loved ones. Parents want to be nearer to their children and relatives. Besides, nothing beats sleepovers at grandma’s, and a band of noisy cousins will remove any possibility of a boring summer.

A clean slate

Perhaps the best reason to sell a house and move into a new one is to start fresh. A new house means everything is different. Perhaps you just escaped from a divorce or survived from a calamity. Nothing to get you up on your feet than living in a new house, and in a new neighborhood.

Whatever your reason may be, selling a house is a major highlight in life. It will require lots of energy and patience, but is well worth it in the end. If you’re ready to enter the real estate world, we can help! Check out our “For Sale by Owner Selling Guide” to get you started on the right track.

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