Every house has a secret. They come in the forms of ugly attic ceiling stains, a resilient pipe leak, and so on. As a seller, it’s your job to eliminate these secrets from the house you are selling. Here are the top house defects that kill deals.


These defects are the most dangerous and should be repaired immediately. They include hidden live wires (waiting to be found), faulty socket outlets, and most importantly, defective ground fault circuit breaker interrupter outlets.

Quick fact: a fault circuit breaker interrupter is a circuit breaker that breaks the circuit when it detects a dangerous electrical arc, preventing electrical fires.


Plumbing is the bloodstream and urinary tract of the house. It prevents any water displacement like leaks, pools of water on the floor, and ugly moisture and mildew stains. These are simple repairs as long as the pipes in question are easy to access. The most common neglected plumbing defect by buyers are loosely mounted and leaking toilets which is a red alert for buyers. A good solution is to ditch your problematic toilet and have a new one installed. For more tips on checking your house plumbing, click here.


Everybody loves the rain. Except for people with unreliable roofs above their heads. Roofs require more care and attention than you would expect. An inspection twice a year is recommended for roof maintenance. If you’ve come across any leakages in the past, make sure old ceiling stains are fixed if possible. They can put off buyers even if the leak doesn’t exist anymore.


These conditions range from poor maintenance, like neglecting to sweep the chimney and unreliable installation. Common are the lack of spark arrestors and erroneous placement of wood-burning stoves. Some fireplaces are installed by people without decent knowledge of safety requirements like homeowners themselves and handymen. If you’re not confident on the safety of your fireplace, let the professionals do their work and have it checked.


Last and definitely not the least are these unsightly problems acquired from excessive moisture. Although not the problem themselves, they deserve a special mention since they still are a problem to look at and degrade the quality of the material they spawn from. Even if you clean or replace them, if you haven’t fixed that roof leak or that heater issue, moulds will still grow and your wood will still rot.

House defects not only kill deals but also bite you from the back. Fix up your secrets earnestly so you can present your house honestly to would-be buyers. You wouldn’t want being called by your client during a rainy day, complaining of roof leakage and demanding for compensation.

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