Selling a home is definitely not an easy process. A home for sale may have many memories attached to it for the seller, but potential buyers will be less interested in the home’s history and more interested in whether or not it that has potential for them to make it their own. When you are selling your home, presentation is everything.  The presentation tips below will help you prepare your home for sale so that all potential buyers will be able to see its potential, and hopefully fall in love with it!

1. Potential buyers will never be interested in properties that haven’t been cleaned up and made to appear tidy and orderly. Most buyers need to see a property when it is clean and uncluttered before they can decide if it could be a suitable home for them.

2. Although pillows, rugs or curtains are usually removed before a buyer takes possession of the property, they can still make a big difference in making a home feel cosy and inviting at open-for-inspections. You can also use these to complement the colour scheme of the room and make it look really impressive.

3. First impressions are everything, and the exterior of a house is the first thing a buyer sees when arriving at the property or when viewing it online. It is imperative that you fix any cracks or broken boards on the house’s external walls, and either wash the dirt off or, if possible, give it a new coat of paint. The lawn, any garden beds and any decking should also look new and clean.

4. Make sure everything is in working order. This means that you have to check whether all appliances including lights and lamps are functioning properly. You should also make sure that there are no leaking taps, or obviously damaged pipes. If a potential buyer notices that anything that is broken or damaged they may be discouraged from buying.

5. You should think about whether you will live in the home you’re selling during the process of open-for-inspections. Some buyers may be interested to see how the home functions practically, but some may find it easier to imagine making your property their home if it is empty, and perfectly presented.

6. If you have moved out, you may wish to consider taking your furniture out of the house and getting some display furniture to present the house in it’s best light. As well as neutralising the house and making it easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves fitting it out as they wish to, the right display furniture can also make houses look more spacious.

When selling your house, you should try to think like a salesperson. Presentation is key and keeping this in mind will assist you in potentially making a quick and lucrative sale.

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