Organize your things – make a list of everything you have at home, which things you are going to keep, what you can sell, what you can give away and dispose. Take note of furniture you might want to refurbish, which add to a better ambience of your home to get better selling prices, the more antique looking, the better. You might want to put up a garage sale too, so you easily dispose of all your sellable items and use the money in paint jobs, landscaping and other small scale tweaks you can do to improve your property selling chances

Clear up space – assess which fixed furniture, tables, counters, cabinets can be removed to make the ambience of the room bigger. No matter how small a property is, if it gives off a wide looking ambience, it will encourage buyers that the property is a good buy. Also buyers love to have the flexibility of easily renovating after they moved in.

Spend a little more to gain more – replace door knobs, cabinet knobs, door bells and switches, try to make everything look shiny especially metal furniture, also don’t forget to consider the floor and the walls, you can also try adding a cheap painting that gives off a decent aura. A little more effort goes a long way, every small thing that looks brand new will increase the selling chances and price of your property. Spending a few hundred dollars will increase your gain by tenfold the least.

The bathroom – the bathroom is like the crowning glory of your home, no matter how clean your house is if the bathroom is a mess chances are you’re likely less to sell your property. Replace shower heads, clean the tiles, remove water stains, but still take into consideration if everything is cleanable, take the extra mile.

The over-all ambience of the house – grow some plants, a few flowers might also help, keep the grass green, landscaping is also a crucial part of how buyers see the potential of your property, from the outside look to the interior ambience, these things are the defining trait of your property, no matter how small or big.

Once you’re done preparing for selling your house, you can check out our step by step guide For Sale By Owner Guide

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