So you’ve decided to sell your house, and you want it to go fast and smooth. Here are tips to make your house an eye catcher for those elusive prospective buyers.



Fix and Clean your Property

You can’t sell a dirty house. Although a complete wash-over of your house is not really practical, consider to deeply clean well used rooms. Key points to focus on are the large areas of a room like the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. Consider giving them a fresh coat of paint. Oil up and repair any squeaky hinges and noisy windows. This does not only mean clean and fix, it also means to get rid of clutter either by giving or throwing stuff away. Essentially, you want your house to be at its best.

Light it up

Remember when you enter a five star restaurant? You get hit by the pageantry and ambiance the moment you enter. You can recreate this effect and manipulate it to your advantage. Imperatively you want to make your house spacious by using good lighting apart from repainting your walls. This can be achieved by open windows, bright lights, and mirrors.

Get the right smell

This might seem weird, but the the smell of your house is very important. You don’t want to buy a house that smells like cigarettes or your pets. Unpleasant smells can be removed by simply airing the room out, or cleaning its source. Another point why this is important is that it sets the mood of a house. Although baking fresh bread every time a prospective buyer comes is time consuming and impractical, freshly burnt pine cones in the hearth can give a similar, homey effect.

Give some love to your kitchen

It’s not so much as you are selling your house as much as you are selling your kitchen. It’s that important. A good tip is to reface your kitchen cabinets, and install a stainless countertop for that new kitchen feel. Keep the counter clean and bare, except for some essential supplies and appliances. Your client will be looking for signs that they will be moving in, not signs that it’s still yours.

Don’t over upgrade

You might be super hyped about cleaning and repairing and starting fresh, but remember to keep the upgrades you’ve done within the prospect of it returning for you. Keeping it simple and basic might not feel as rewarding, but you are sure to benefit when you’ve sold your house.

Create a Virtual Tour of your House

Once you accomplish making your house look presentable, you can now focus on showcasing your hard work. Make a video of you going around the house and touring the highlights of your home, and maybe some of your favorite rooms. You can do it objectively or with personal comments of how you used to read books snug and cozy by the fire, or this successful barbecue backyard party you had with friends as long as you show off.

List Your House Online

We are in the generation of lightning fast internet connections, when people are too lazy to go outside and crisscross the map in search of houses for sale. Put that to your advantage by listing your house online. This is not just easy, but also very cost-effective. Learn more about “For Sale By Owner” by clicking here.

Price your Property Right

The last and final step is pricing. Now that you’ve fixed and cleaned up your house, you can now attach a price tag to it. It might be too high or too low, so a sure-fire way to get it right is to survey the actual prices of comparable homes in your area. This can be found in websites such as and, and in local newspapers. You can also check the average median house rates here.

In a Nutshell

Selling a house in itself requires mounds and mounds of effort. You don’t just put up a “For Sale” sign and wait for buyers to swarm over. Give your house a little love with these tips, and you might just be kissing your house goodbye, in exchange for good money of course.

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