If you are selling a house online, then you already know what the first thing buyers look for: photographs. Get good results and sell your house faster with the power of photography.



This might sound obvious, because if you are selling your house, you’ve probably cleaned and scrubbed the skin off your fingers. Making everything squeaky clean can make pictures crisper and brighter. Not to mention more appealing.


Buyers are always looking for space. Show them you’ve got a lot by removing unsightly things like personal belongings and start packing stuff up. This will not only help you in house photography, but also in the moving process. You’ll be surprised how big your house interior will look by just putting stuff away.


You don’t need a professional camera to capture the best of your house. But don’t go running to your iPhones and smartphones just yet! Your best bet is still a decent camera and a tripod. But if you are really short on budget, you can use your iPhone or smartphone, provided they have great camera and focusing capabilities.


What is RAW? RAW is an image file type considered superior to any other file types like JPEG or PNG. It allows more freedom to adjust the photo’s settings, not to mention the image is sharper and crisper. Other file types destroy quality *cough* JPEG *cough* by compressing the file size and converting data into pixels. So set your save settings to RAW to get the most out of your picture!


I repeat, buyers want space. To achieve this:
 shoot the interior of your house from below shoulder level. This will make the ceiling and floor look far away from each other, creating an illusion of space.
➔ Another trick is to stick to the walls! Find the best angle of the room and go far, far back until you are touching the walls and shoot.


Show everything clearly to your potential buyers and produce crisp photos with tripods! Tripods not only eliminate camera shake, but also allows accurate camera leveling.


Speaking of leveling, determine the best level or height to shoot from for a specific room. To decide, choose the height at which most of the objects and features are included in the photograph. If you are shooting the kitchen, shoot at chest height to show the working surfaces and countertops. If you are shooting the bathroom, you might want to go lower because of the toilet and bathtub.


Professional photographers often find the best angles and perspectives to give a room dimension and depth. Try experimenting and shoot from different angles of the same room and decide which is best. But remember, no matter what angle you are using, always keep the walls straight and upright. This gives the room neat geometry that is pleasing to the eye.

Protip: If your room has mirrors, hide from them! The worst real estate photographs are ones that show the photographer or the camera in them.


Lighting is the very core of photography, and it either makes or breaks a good photograph.
➔ Use natural light as your main light source. Open up the curtains and windows to let in healthy light. Artificial lights should be used sparingly because they can be harsh and often produce strong shadows.
➔ Minimize shadows. Shadows distract the viewer from the contents of the room. They can create an unwanted area of focus because they can “block” objects out. If you are using artificial light, we recommend using a soft box to diffuse and distribute the light evenly.
➔ Shoot on cloudy days. The best days for photography are cloudy ones. Clouds act as natural soft boxes, so light is soft and diffuse. Sunny days often produce stark contrasts and harsh shadows while rainy days produce gloomy and subdued lighting.

➔ Make the house “glow”. It’s not only the weather photographers are on the look out for, but also the right time of the day. This is especially important when shooting the exterior of the house. You want light bright enough to show off your exterior, but also subdued enough to allow the lights from inside the house to show.


The hero shot is the main picture of your house. It’s going to be used on all marketing material, like the newspaper, online advertising etc. Essentially, it’s going to be the “face” of your house, so take an amazing one! Aim to attract buyers quickly with a wide expanse exterior shot or an incredible interior that you think is unique to your house or is it’s best asset.


Lastly, having fun while taking pictures is the best advice there can be. Instilling your photographs with positive energy-if you believe in that kind of stuff-can really make the difference between a bland picture and an attractive one. So experiment and have blast!

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