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The Best Gifts To Buy Your Friends After They Buy Their First Home

housewarming gifts

If you have friends who have recently bought their first home, they will most likely have a housewarming party where they can show off their new home or property to all of their friends and family. First home buyers are usually incredibly excited to get all of their loved ones together and celebrate their first major property purchase. You should be excited for them, and there is no better way to show your joy for them then buying them a housewarming present. Still, it can be quite hard to decide what to buy for them, as it should be both relevant to the fact that they know own a home but also personalized for them and the occasion. Since most people have so many problems deciding what an appropriate gift for this situation is, we have made this list of the 5 best gifts to buy your friends who have just bought their first home.

Make Sure They Don’t Lose Their New Keys with a Key Rack

One thing that first home buyers will be sure to appreciate is a dedicated place to hang the keys to their new home. After all, you don’t want them losing their keys so early on, so why not consider buying them a key rack. These racks are normally hung near the front door and are a great way to make sure your friends understand just how important the keys to their new home are. This is one gift that is sure to go over well.

Add a Personalized Touch with Handcrafted Door or Cabinet Knobs

If your friends have just purchased new furniture for their home, one way to make the furniture feel more like their own is to give them unique wooden knobs for their cabinets. These are a great way to spice up plain old cabinets and drawers, and is a way to help them make their home more their own. Just make sure that you purchase something which will fit in with the colour and decor of their home.

Everyone Needs Kitchen Gadgets

Another great option for a housewarming gift is kitchen gadgets. The odds are fairly good that the kitchen of first home buyers will be somewhat bare at first, so why not give them something they can really use. One great idea is a new bread machine or other gadget which will really simplify things for them in the kitchen. As long as you make sure they don’t already have that particular gadget, you really cannot go wrong with buying them something to make cooking easier and more fun.

Think Green

Another thing that their new home will probably be missing is plants or flowers, and these make an absolutely ideal housewarming present. You have the choice to buy either plants to make a homier interior, or you could help them begin their landscaping by buying a tree or perennial plant or shrub for them to plant outside. The choices for this type of gift are almost limitless, but its best to choose a plant that doesn’t require too much care, just in case your friends do not have a green thumb.

It’s a Party, Why Not Give Party Accessories

One gift that is sure to go down well is a nice bottle of wine or champagne. Whether or not your friends choose to pop open the bottle during the party or save it for themselves is their choice, but they will be sure to be happy with the gift. You may also want to consider pairing the wine or champagne with a nice set of wine or champagne glasses, as these will be sure to get lots of use in the years to come.

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