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Thank You!

Thank you for getting started with For Sale For Lease. Your payment and property details have been sent to our Listings department who will now load your listing and export it to the portals found here. Your listing will be live within 24 hours unless you have not provided sufficient information regarding your listing, if it is a weekend or due to another issue that may arise. In an event that there are issues with your listing or the information you have provided us is insufficient, our Technical Support team will try to get in contact with you via email to gather the relevant information. If you have any questions prior to your listing going live or whilst your listing is active, please use this form to submit a support ticket. It can also be found on our main Navigation menu under SUPPORT.

Before we can activate your listing, we need to obtain your signed copy of the attached Lease Authority (LA) form together with a copy of a valid Australian ID. This authority is a legal agreement to engage For Sale For Lease to act on your behalf to advertise your property. Please note that no commissions are payable and you will not be locked into paying anything extra by signing this form.

Please send the Lease Authority form and a scanned copy of a valid Australian ID to [email protected]

Click here to download the lease authority form.


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