The days are shorter and the nights longer. Christmas is just around the corner, but with the cheer it brings to children awaiting presents under the tree, it also brings a white blanket that seems to lull the property market into a state of hibernation.


But despair not dear seller! There is still hope. You can still tease the interest of buyers enough to bring them out of their warm holiday reveries and check your fabulous house out!


The golden rule of house staging still applies during the holidays. Limit yourself from decorating your house like Santa decided to barf all over the place. The tried and tested technique of hanging and placing every decor around the house until nothing in your Christmas box remains is the culprit for over decoration. Before doing anything else, tour around your house. Imagine what you can do to bring a touch of Christmas into every room. If you’re having trouble with balancing your decorations, lighting can help solve your problem. An almost cold or bare room will still feel warm with the correct lighting.


After renovating and staging your house for the last few weeks or months, your decorations last year might not suit your current colour palette. Use what you can from last year’s and shop for newer ones that complement your furniture and fixtures. If your living room is sporting an earthy palette with browns, whites and greens, matching them with the traditional green christmas tree and red and green baubles is a good idea. Likewise, if your room has a pristine white theme, match it with frosty white decors.


Does your living room have an especially high ceiling? Put up a tall tree. Do you have an extravagant fireplace? Decorate it so that the eyes naturally home-in on them. Remember, decorations attract the eyes. Guide your buyers instead of blinding them from your beautiful home.


Tone down your Christmas lighting. Be especially mindful of the traditional twinkling lights. They bring too much festivity and attention to themselves that could blind buyers from the assets your house offers. We recommend bright, white and stationary fairy lights outdoors, while incandescent light bulbs instead of LED ones will keep your house from feeling bare and cold because of it’s natural warm light. Click here for more tips on general house lighting.


Of course Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas tree! It’s just a matter of choosing the right tree. A tall tree for a room with a high ceiling, a thin one for a small room. The tree’s decor should still match the room’s colour scheme. Stick to a unifying motif, like frosty blue and white garlands and blue Christmas baubles or warm candles and red tinsel.


Avoid putting up religious ornaments. Not everyone will like or understand them.


Lastly, as a special thanks for the potential buyers that are still active during Christmas season, give them little treats like hot chocolate and cookies at the end or during the house tour. This will highlight their stay in your house as magical, and might be the deciding “push” your viewer needs to take the deal.

Christmas season might disrupt the real estate market, but the avid and zealous buyers are still out there! Show them your house is simple yet magical. Who knows, you might celebrate Christmas with full pockets or even, a new house.

Find other house selling tips and tricks at our blog.

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