Selling houses is all about first impressions. It’s what buyers “label” houses they see with. Like “Hey, I liked that house with the blue shutters” or “Let’s go back to the house with nice porch lights”. Attract buyers like honey to bears with these simple and easy tips.


First thing’s first. Clean your exterior before doing anything else. Never go wrong with a pressure washer. It easily removes built-up grime, loose paint, mud, dirt, and dust. Although stay clear of bees or wasp nests!


One way to add aesthetics is to add a new layer of mulch. Aside from adding uniformity and evenness, it also gives protection to your flowers and beds. Mulch has many varieties that range from content, colour, and texture. Mix your own kind to match your house and bring some “fresh” beauty to your yard.


Nothing says sexeh more than carpentry trimmings. If you already have them, then decide to replace them or have them cleaned and repainted. You can even add more to existing trimmings to create more elaborate designs. But don’t get carried away—thick or bulky trimmings may create the opposite of “sexy” you are aiming for. You can play safe and opt for mouldings that exude a simple yet classy vibe.


Paint can make or break a house. It can evoke emotion and create atmospheres depending on what colours are in play. Repaint your house to create a new look, or upgrade from your existing colour palette by either toning up or down the original colours. Nowadays, neutral colours like beige are popular for for-sale-houses, usually paired with other hues to offset plainness. Remember, buyers usually go for “demure” and “muted” coloured houses because they can see it as a white canvass where they can start fresh.


No one if your front door is too ugly to knock on! Updating your front door is a small project with a big impact. This is because front doors are usually what people focus on, with everything else as background. If a house’s exterior wall paint gives a house dimension and atmosphere, the front door gives a house personality. Make it pop with bright colours that give contrast to the rest of your house. You can also succeed with neutral colours for a softer feel. Lastly, you can match your door with the season, although this is a riskier selling tactic, considering that seasons aren’t permanent.


House numbers is another accessory a house can’t go without. Replace your old numbers with new fonts that scream stylish and classy. You can also choose them according to your colour palette. Silver, shiny ones go great on dark and wooden colours, bronze for lighter shades and maybe colourful modern ones for a more upbeat palette.


See what I did there? No? Ok.

Closed shutters, drawn curtains and closed windows are unappealing to buyers because they make a house look secretive and scary. It adds a bad kind of mystery to a house. Remember that shutters and windows were invented to keep things out, so keep them open and let buyers in.


It may seem like a bother, but getting someone that hasn’t lived in the house for as long as you have can give insightful feedback. They are essentially new to your house and stand on the same ground as a potential buyer. Things you might have missed because of familiarity are easily spotted by their eyes. Do this before, during and after your curb beautifying efforts.

Upping your curb appeal doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. With some effort and a little creativity, you can set your home apart from other for-sale-houses.

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