The real estate market can be slow sometimes however you do not need to wait until it is back up to full-force again to sell your home, you just need to be clever about your sales strategy and meticulous in the preparation of your property. There are many things that you can do to get prospective buyers excited about the prospect of buying your property. The below tips will help you to achieve the desired result to sell your property promptly.


The first thing prospective buyers will see is the outside of the property. Create a positive first impression by making enhancements on the exterior of your home. Things like painting the gutters, removing the weeds, mowing the grass and taking out the trash are just a few places to start.


Clean your home thoroughly. Be sure not to leave any form of dirt behind and take note of the 3 key principles when it comes to cleaning indoors…Scrub, Scrub, Scrub. Prospective buyers may look inside the drawers, closets and cupboards, so keep them tidy. Remove discolouration on tiles; get the carpet smelling fresh. When every corner of your home looks spotless, prospective buyers will think that the house is well-kept. They may also not care about how old your home is because the age will not be obvious if everything is spotlessly clean.


Check for anything that will need to be fixed. List down those that you can handle on your own, and those that will require help from a professional. Even if it is just a minor problem, it can turn into a major disappointment to prospective buyers. Before you sell your home, make sure that everything inside and out is in good condition and in working order.


Make each room look its best. You can consult an interior decorator or get ideas from the latest issue of a home decoration magazine. You do not necessarily have to replace your old furniture as that will not be cost-effective however, little things like repositioning the sofa, cleaning / changing the curtains or adding flower vases can make a big difference. You can also repaint the walls with neutral colours to appeal to all types of buyers.


It is understandable that you would want to sell the house at the highest price possible however, your property may not generate any interest at all if you price it well above the market value. There are many websites and tools online that will help you to understand comparable sales in and around your local area and with these tools, you can then set a price accordingly and generate genuine buyer enquiries.


There are several ways by which you can promote your property and reach potential buyers from different places. Do not just settle with putting up a “for sale” sign out the front of your property. You can choose to list your property on For Sale By Owner websites when then duplicate your listing on the major real estate portals for a small fee or you can hire a real estate agent to handle all the work for you. Real estate agents who have been around for years will most likely have a list of clients who may be interested to buy your home without even having to list your property at all. A real estate agent will also know the best strategy to sell your home fast.

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