It is not always easy to sell a tenanted property. There are rules that you must follow in order not to violate the rights of your renters. But selling a property with a tenant in place has some benefits too. In addition, you can always hire a real estate agent to handle the sales process on your behalf if you like or you can sell it privately. With, you can search for a reliable real estate agent within your area or you can simply signup to our private house sales packages and use the power of the internet to help you sell.


If you decide to sell your property, tell your tenants right away. In some states, if the tenants are not advised about the intent to sell when they signed the lease, they are allowed to break it even if it has a fixed term. Similarly, when selling a house with tenants, you have to consider the following:

  1. Notice of intention to sell – Give tenants a notice of intention to sell even before you start the sales process. You should also give them 30 days notice once you close the deal with the buyer. Just make sure that the settlement date comes after the last day of the tenants in the property.
  2. 24 hours notice for house viewing – Law in many Australian states requires that your real estate agent give at least 24 hours prior notice to the current tenant each and every time you would like to show your home or investment property to a potential suitor. You have to let them know about the schedule of the house buying to prepare for it.
  3. Asking a tenant to leave – If your tenants have a fixed lease term, you are not able to make them leave or evict them unless they have broken the terms of the lease. You should also give them 14 days notice towards their last day in the property. However, if your tenants are on a agreement tenancy that is continual, you should give them 60 days notice instead.


There are a few very good reasons to sell a tenanted property and the first is, you already have the property leased and are already collecting a stable rental income from the property. You have cash coming in while waiting to make a sale. And second, some investors like it better if the property being sold is tenanted. They will usually be happy to inherit the existing tenant as they will start to receive payments from the existing tenant right away. However, some tenants can make the property less attractive to potential buyers. They can leave a mess or be uncooperative during house viewings. With tenants in place, you lose some control over how your property is presented. Also, those who would want to buy the property for their own use may look for houses that are not occupied. Here are some things that you can do to work it out with your tenants.

  • Offer to reduce the rent during the sales period – You can ask your agent or existing property manager (or make the executive decision yourself) to offer to lower the rent for a short period of time provided that the tenant will keep the property clean, and that they will vacate the house during scheduled viewings.
  • Free rent for a week after the sales – You may also bargain for their cooperation by offering a free rent for a week to the tenant after the completion of the sale and settlement.
  • Be proactive – Ask your local real estate agent or For Sale By Owner provider to find out exactly what you may be able to do to make sure that your tenants stay put for the next buyer. If a tenant leaves, not only will you lose an income but also reduce the chance of selling your property for a higher price.


Because selling a tenanted property can be more demanding than selling a vacant house, you may need a real estate agent to handle it or if you are confident enough in doing it yourself and navigating your way through the process and dealing with both parties. The tenants will need to make some adjustments while the house is offered for sale but this is completely normal when you are transferring ownership of a house whilst it is still occupied. You can make up for their inconvenience by offering to lower the tenant’s rent for a short period of time or even by offering free week in rent, no tenant is going to say no to that! While there are advantages and disadvantages to selling tenanted property, the process becomes less of a hassle if there is cooperation between you and the tenants.

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