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Selling A Rural Property

Selling a rural property can sometimes be a tricky ordeal, as unlike selling a home, it can often be hard to find parties who are interested in buying rural property in your area. Even with hiring a real estate agent, some people have to wait years until they can find a suitable buyer that is willing to pay the asking price, and even then, many people end up selling the property for much less than they were originally hoping for. However, most people are also completely unaware of the fact that there are other ways to go about selling rural property other than hiring a real estate agent to facilitate the sale. The simple fact is that you do not have to hire a real estate agent, and in fact you can sell your rural property yourself just as easy, while ensuring you make a much bigger profit. The best way to go about selling a rural property is to list it on a for sale by owner website such as

The Benefits Of Listing Your Rural Property With Us?

When you decide to list your property on, you will soon realize just how beneficial it can be. For starters, when you choose to list your property instead of a real estate agent, you can be guaranteed that you will make a much larger profit off of the sale. This is because real estate agents charge very high commission fees, which could range from $5,000 to $50,000 (depending on the value of your property), while with us, you will pay only a tiny fraction of that, and we never charge commission, only a flat fee.

Another benefit of using our service is that it allows you to remain in total control of all aspects of the sale. From creating your own personalized listing, all the way to negotiating the final sales price and terms of the sale, you will be allowed complete control when you use our service. After all, no one knows your rural property better than you do, so in turn, no one should be able to sell it as well as you can. When you choose our service, you can save yourself a huge chunk of money and ensure that the sale is completed on your terms, which is just not possible when you use a real estate agent.

How to Sell a Rural Property With FSFL

Selling a rural property on is also much easier than you would think. Signing up is quite simple- all you need to do is choose your property type, then select the package and payment options that are right for you, and finally the easy steps to complete the sign up process. Once you have signed up, you can then start creating your own customized property listing, and it is completely up to you what information you include. Of course, you should make sure that you have a good description of your property, as well as high quality photos that highlight at least the best features of your property.

When choosing the payment option, you can even decide to pay nothing until the sale is completed, at which time you will still only have to pay a small percentage of what you would otherwise be paying to a real estate agent. Overall, there is almost no easier way to sell your rural property privately, and you will definitely be surprised by just how smoothly everything goes.

What You Get When Listing With Us

When you decide to sign up with For Sale For Lease, you get the comfort of knowing that your property will be listed on Australia’s biggest and most popular online real estate portals. In addition, we can offer you even more services to help you sell your home quicker. Some of these options include professional photographs, floor plans, brochures, and even signs to attract people to your property. You also have the ability to change your listing, including the asking price, whenever you wish, making it much more fluid than a rigid real estate agency listing. You can even get feedback on your listing and respond to it instantly and make changes whenever it is necessary. Overall, no other real estate service can offer you so much for such a low price.