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Selling a Block of land

Monthly Option Until Sold

Selling A Block Of Land

A good number of people in Australia struggle with selling their block of land; they are not sure how they can sell without having to pay an agent huge amounts in commission after the agent has found a buyer for them. It makes sense and agents need to be paid a percentage of the sale proceeds which can amount to quite some money. They also take a long time to sell because they don’t have a large pool of buyers waiting. At For Sale For Lease, we do, and we do not charge you a lot of money for our services.

We help you find buyers by listing you with the top websites in Australia for selling land. These websites are visited by the top agents in the country, people who are there looking for blocks of land to buy. It means that your blockĀ is looked at by very targeted traffic, which makes it possible to sell the plot quickly. As you can see, we have the expertise that we have gained dealing real estate for over 30 years and we use it to the benefit of our customers.

What Do You Get At

There are two packages that you can choose from and both of them are effective (the only difference is the price points). The first package is called the Up Front package and it allows you to list for 3 months for the amount of $399. If the 3 months pass without anyone buying your business, you can re-list for the same amount. The second package is called the Until Sold package and it allows you to lost your blockĀ of land forever until it gets a buyer. With both packages, if you feel that it is taking too long to find a buyer, we will refund your money and put you in touch with an agent near you with whom we negotiate a fair rate of commission on your behalf.

We have additional services that we offer to help you sell your land even faster. For a small fee, you can get featured listings on the sites where we list your plot. We have taken care to incorporate traditional selling methods so that we have the whole market covered. We can make a video for you so that prospects can see what your land looks like. We can also make For Sale and Ready For Inspection signs that you can hang at your farm for foot traffic. In addition to this, you can pay to have 100 A4 glossy brochures done to distribute to those near you.

We take care to combine the use of the internet with traditional methods because we have found out that this approach works best. Our employees are highly experienced and they will walk you through the process of finding prospects. They are ready to answer your questions any time and they can give you tips and advice to help you sell faster.

What Are The Benefits Of Listing Your Block With Us?

They are many but here are the most critical ones:

  • We save you commissions that you would otherwise pay an agent were they to find a buyer for you. What we charge is a small fraction of what an agent would take in fees.
  • We are faster because we expose your listing to more people. The more people get to see your block, the more likely you are to get a serious prospect.
  • The fact that our website traffic is targeted means that you will hardly have to entertain prospects who are not serious. The agents who visit these websites have clients waiting to buy blocks so you will sell a lot faster.
  • We hold your hand all the way until you get prospects. Because we are familiar with the process, we will guide you in any way you require so that you can get a buyer quickly.

How Do I Go About Listing My Block Of Land?

All you need to do is gather the information about your block. This includes location, size, any special features, surroundings and so on. You also need to upload photos so be prepared. Go to our website and click on Sell Your Property Now; it gives you a form to fill and then asks you to upload photos. After you have given all the required details and submitted them, you will be asked to pay. The rest is for us to do; we will call you with prospects.