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When you are looking to sell residential property you naturally want the very best service for the most affordable price. At For Sale For Lease we give you the opportunity to take ownership of the sale of your property, avoiding the need to pay the high fees of real estate agents. Selling residential property doesn’t have to be a high-priced endeavour with commission fees eating into your return. Instead, you can join many other Australians in using For Sale For Lease to sell your residential property online.

At For Sale For Lease we are committed to providing you with a low-cost yet highly effective way to sell residential property. We are so confident in our service that we offer all our clients a money-back guarantee – if your property doesn’t sell with us we will help you to locate a local agent, with whom we will negotiate a competitive cost and commission rate for you. When your property sells, we will refund the Upfront Fee that you paid on initial sign-up with us.

When you sign up with For Sale For Lease you will have your listing displayed on a number of Australia’s top real estate and property sales websites including,, and more. You can also use your account to easily change the price of your property as well as your description, photographs and opening times, making it easy to respond to feedback and keep your ad looking fresh.

We offer two main options for selling your residential property, as well as a number of optional extras. With the Until Sold package, you pay a single fee of $695 at the start of the process, with no additional charges until your property is sold. The Upfront package costs just $299 initially, and a further $99 until the property sells. Our optional extras include a number of helpful tools for selling residential property including professional photographs, floor plans and brochures, feature listing on and signs you can use to attract potential buyers.

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Selling residential property with For Sale For Lease offers a number of benefits. We don’t work on commission, meaning that you can save thousands when you sell your residential property. It also means that we have no incentive to be anything but transparent with you when it comes to the advice we give and help we offer. The real estate websites we list your property on are the most searched in Australia. These large websites do not allow individuals to list property independently, so using For Sale For Lease allows you to access the greatest number of possible buyers for a better chance of making a sale at the best price. Together, our professional staff have more than 30 years of experience in real estate, giving you access to expert knowledge.

Private House Sales VS Agent Sales..You Do The Math!

For Sale For Lease provides customers with all the benefits of a traditional full-service real estate agency, but we set ourselves apart from the rest of the field by providing two other services that we consider extremely important and which underpin the way we run our business: we involve the owners of the property in the sales process and save you thousands on commission fees. This makes us a leader in home sales in Australia. Traditional agents can be commission-sensitive, as they rely on commissions to make a living.

For Sale For Lease uses a consultant fee approach – avoiding commissions – which ensures transparency in our advice for owners considering the sale of their business. For Sale For Lease provides access to industry websites that deliver the majority* of all online property searches in Australia. This ensures you access to the widest possible range of potential buyers, thereby increasing the likelihood of getting the best possible price for your home sales.

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All you need to do is click on our “List Property Now” button. A simple and easy-to-use form will ask for your contact information and the details of your property such as a description and photographs. Then you just need to choose your preferred services and products and make your payment. We will have sent you a General Sales Authority form when you signed up, the last step is simply to fill in that form and send it back to us. The next steps are up to us. As long as we received all the necessary information we can have your listing up and running in less than 24 hours. Why not get started today?

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