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Property for Private Rent and Lease

For Sale For Lease is your ultimate one-stop shop for Private Rentals. Finding a tenant for your residential property or to lease out an investment property has never been easier. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with individual local agents and Property Managers, putting up fliers or going through the tedious process of registering with every website over and over. With our service you pay a simple fee and get your property listed on up to a dozen of the largest rental listing websites in Australia, regardless of whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or the Gold Coast. Even better, there’s no commission when you find a tenant.

We offer a best-of-both-worlds approach to leasing a residential investment property. We take care of the admin and the technology to get your ad out to as wide and audience as possible. You retain full control over the content of your ad and listings, with no extra charges for changing your ad as often as you like, for example if you’ve taken new photos or want to tweak the wording to make it more effective. Forget about lazy agents who just want to go through a boring checklist: it’s your property and you know best why it will appeal to tenants and what makes it so special.

Please access our Resources Page for full details of our standard packages and optional extras. As you’ll see, every customer gets exposure on at least 10 major sites used by people who want to lease residential property. Note in particular our money-back guarantee: let us know you aren’t happy and we’ll let you switch to a local agent; once they find a tenant, we’ll refund your upfront fee. We also offer a range of extra services such as professional photos and floor plans that could help seal the deal, but remember you aren’t under any obligation to get these.

We will list your property on the sites displayed here, our Facebook fan page, as well as many other industry websites – the list just keeps growing! Please refer to our third party websites page for more details on the best portals for leasing your own house online. You will receive your own account to change your ad, photos, open times and price. All our clients are eligible for the money-back guarantee. Receive a FREE property report upon request. All our clients who sign up with the $50 per month or $550 per year residential lease and management package receive one FREE NTD check.

What You Need To Get Started With For Sale For Lease

Once you decide to use For Sale For Lease to market your property, you don’t need to worry about administration, paperwork or technology. You simply have two tasks: dealing with any specific enquiries potential tenants may have about the property, and showing people round the property when they are considering leasing it from you. We find this to be the perfect division of labour: we take on much of the workload, but you still save the cash you’d normally pay agents to show people round the property — something you can not only do yourself, but can do much more effectively.

Other than that, your only work is to sign up in the first place, and it’s a bit of a stretch to call that work: you just need to fill in short online forms with your personal details, your payment details and the details of your property for your listing. Remember that you can change your property listing at any time, so it’s simple to get your property on the computer screens of potential tenants right away, but still have the chance to refine and tweak the listing later on.

Why Use For Sale For Lease To Help Lease Your Property?

If you want to sell or lease a house, commercial property or business, you need to get exposure on or We offer this exposure, along with most of the services of a traditional real estate agent. All you have to do is answer enquiries about your property and conduct your own open for inspections, effectively enabling you to lease your house yourself! We leave this important part of the marketing process in the hands of our clients because of our firm belief that the best person to sell a home is always the owner themselves.

We are available to help you through the rental process and if you choose to use our services we don’t bind you to any contractual obligations. For Sale For Lease also offers a money back guarantee if you are not successful in leasing your property.

Don’t Delay, Advertise Your Rental Property Today

The quicker you find a tenant, the quicker the rent starts rolling in and your property turns from bricks and mortar into a nest egg. If you choose our leasing only option and your property finds a tenant within a month — which is certainly a strong possibility given the exposure we can bring you — then the whole thing can cost as little as $200. The only more effective way to market your rental property is to knock on the door of every prospective tenant in the land and give them your spiel. But until you can make time stand still and fill up your car for free, we think For Sale For Lease is the most practical option!

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