Real estate commission levels tend to vary from state to state. To find out, here is our quick property guide of what the Real Estate Fees, Agents Fees, and Real Estate Agents Commission are in your area. The list includes ACT, NSW, VIC, WA, SA, NT, QLD and TAS. For some specific real estate advice, call us at 1300 622 300 or contact us with this form.

Commission and Fees in Queensland (QLD)

Unlike in any other Australian state, the Queensland law has set the real estate agents commission or agent fees at a maximum of 5% for the first $18,000 of the purchase price and an additional 2.5% of the sale price balance, plus 10% GST if applicable.

Commission and Fees in TAS

Effective July 1, 2010, these fees, including GST, are recommended by the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania but members are not bound by them.

Where the purchase price:

Does not exceed $10,000 – 10.73% with a minimum of $100
From $10,001 – $50,000 – $1073 plus 5.85% of excess over $10,000
From $50,001 – $100,000 – $3413 plus 4.10% of excess over $50,000
From $100,001 upwards – $5463 plus 3.88% of excess over $100,000

Commission and Fees in ACT, NSW, VIC, WA, SA, and NT

* Note that this list of real estate agents commission is to be used as a guide only since real estate commission rates or agent fees charged do vary widely.

Unlike in Queensland and in TAS, real estate agents commission is not set by the Government and clients can negotiate with their agent for the amounts of any commission, fees, or other expenses that they may be required to pay.

Generally, real estate agents commission, agent fees, or real estate fees, in the Australian Capital Territory, NSW, VIC, WA, SA, and NT range from 2.5% within the city or state, and in metropolitan areas, then 2.5% up to 5% in regional areas.

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