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 Private Property Sales Are On The Rise – You Too Can Save Thousands By Selling Yourself! Sell Privately Using The Private Sales Method With For Sale For Lease Today!

For many people looking to lease or sell their homes, the first thing that comes to mind is to hire a real estate agent and sign a costly contract to have someone else to sell their home. They know that so long as they can employ an agent them to find a buyer, they will sooner or later get their property sold. What they don’t know is that they have an alternative; they can sell through private property sales or using the “For Sale By Owner” method.

There are now hundreds of thousands of property owners all across Australia who have successfully sold all kinds of properties using this relatively new found process. Private property sales are actually pushing up the numbers of real estate sales because it is now easier to do, far more profitable than using an agent and properties are being sold faster due to the vendors ability to access privately using services like ours. More and more people are realising that by circumventing an agent and placing their homes in the market themselves has more benefits.

Why Sell Privately? What Are The Benefits Of Selling Privately?

There are several benefits for property owners who choose private property sales. Although we have mentioned a couple in the last two paragraphs, let’s look at them in detail.

No Agents Required

In the past, the typical property owner who wanted to sell had only one option; to contact a real estate agent, have them come over and see the property and then hope that they would find a buyer in good enough time. They would pay them through a commission of the sale value, which could be quite something; typically, they ask for between 5% and 10%. All that, and there is no guarantee how long they would take to find you a buyer. Agents usually work with dozens of clients at once and you will never know for sure that they will focus on yours. When you sell property privately, all these uncertainties are completely eliminated. You do the listing and the selling yourself. It can more or less be called the automating of real estate sales. You also get to save a lot of money because you pay only a small fraction of what you would otherwise pay if you used a real estate agent.

No Commission Fees Paid

Imagine that your house has a value of $200,000 and you have a real estate agent sell it for you. Let’s assume that a real estate agent asks you for 10% of that. That is $20,000. That’s a lot of money – you can do a lot with it. Let’s assume that the real estate agent is modest and he asks for 5%. That’s $10,000, again a lot of money. Now compare that with what you will pay a private property sales website; it is almost always less than $1,000, often times as little as less than $500. You are saving yourself thousands and thousands of dollars.

You Have Full Control Of The Process

Like we mentioned earlier, hiring a real estate agent for real estate sales is no guarantee that he will be in any rush to find you a buyer. They could in fact be looking to sell the more expensive properties on their portfolios first because that way, they make more commissions. When you choose private property sales, you are in full control of the process. Because finding a buyer is automated, it works a lot faster. You are then left to show the house to prospective buyers, choose the one that’s most suitable for you and close the deal. Controlling the process means that you will be involved in all the decisions throughout which is very important; real estate is very valuable and you want to make the most of it by being involved in the sales process.

You Have Direct Contact With Your Buyers

Your property is personal to you; you want to hand it to someone whom you feel is right for it, who you think you can trust to take care of it. This is even more important if you are leasing because you want to get back in the best possible condition. Selling your property privately or leasing privately means that you get to interview all the prospects yourself and you get to choose who is best to sell or lease to.

You Get To Negotiate A Deal You’re Happy With

Again, you get to meet the prospective buyers which means that you negotiate a price that you feel comfortable with. If you use a real estate agent, you will never know how they settled on the final price.

How Does The Private Sales Process Work?

The process is designed to be easy for property owners:

  1. Prepare your property and listing information. Make sure your property is in good condition and then take lots of good pictures. Get all repairs in and do whatever maintenance is required.
  2. Find a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) website that allows you to sell your property privately. For Sale For Lease is one of the best that you can use; we are popular all across Australia.
  3. Choose all the major property websites that you want to be listed on. The more you choose the faster your property will sell. When you list with an FSBO, they in turn list you on the biggest property websites in the country. You cannot access these sites without a real estate agent license.
  4. Next, you will start to get enquiries and meet potential buyers. Narrow the list down to the one with the best price.
  5. Lastly, negotiate a price, close the deal and receive your proceeds.

What Are The Costs For Private Property Sales?

Remember we mentioned that we are a lot cheaper than real estate agents. Have a look at how much you spend to understand why. There are two packages that you can choose from when selling either residential or commercial property.

Private Residential Sales

The first package goes for $299 and an additional $99 until the property is sold. The second package requires a one-time payment of $695 until the property is sold.

Private Commercial Sales

The first package costs $295 plus an additional $99 until the commercial property is sold. The second one goes for $795 and it’s a one-time payment until you find a buyer.

Is There An Option For Private Landlords For Rental Properties?

In the same way that you can sell privately, you can also rent privately. The process is very much the same; you get all the information on your property together and then list it online along with some good photos. Possible tenants will start to contact you and you will interview them all and then decide which is best for you. Don’t forget to do the necessary background checks; you will be looking for renting history as well as credit history so that you can be sure that they can cover the rent that you charge them. All that is left after that is to collect monthly rent and ensure that the property remains well maintained.

What Are The Costs For Private Property Leasing

Private Residential Leases

The prices are structured very much like those for selling. The first package, costs $299 with an additional $99 each month until you get a tenant. The second costs $695 and it is a one-time fee until the property is leased.

Private Commercial Leases

You can choose between a package of $295 with an additional $99 for each month the property remains listed and $795, a one-time fee until the property is leased.

What About An Option For Private Business Sellers?

Yes, we you can list your business with us privately and you will get someone to buy it. The process is very much like what you would do if you were listing a property. You clean up your business as much as possible and then get all the information ready along with photos. Go to a For Sale By Owner website and choose a package of your choice, pay list and then wait for prospects to contact you. You will get to meet with all of them, negotiate yourself and close the deal. It is important to introduce your new owner to your employees so that there is as little disruption as possible.

What Are The Costs For Private Business Sales?

We have two packages that you can choose from but the smaller package is not like the ones we have for property sales and lease. You get to pay just $350 every quarter until your business is sold. The bigger package requires that you make a one-time payment of $700 until your business is sold.

Sell or lease your business or property with us today; there is a lot to be gained through this simple process, and you can be sure of successfully finding a buyer in a short space of time.