Staging is one weapon in the limited arsenal of home sellers. But when is too much too much? Over staging can detract the appeal of your home. Instead of looking like a clean and well-arranged house, it catches too much attention that buyers might interpret as artificial and unnatural which can lead to fake. Avoid these over staging clichés.

Pillows everywhere. “Strewn” pillows are an eyesore, not to mention they look unsanitary. Even when you create a pillow ensemble that evoke a sense of art and sophistication, you’d be better off putting them in their proper place: on the bed. An exception is if your pillow or cushion is large enough that it can double as a beanbag.

Tray on the bed. This just screams staged. Plus negative five points if that tray came with a plate and butter knife. Come on, breakfast in bed is not a daily occurrence. It can even confuse buyers who are not well versed in the art of eating in the bedroom.

WineWhen selling a home, you might liken your staging and arrangements to a five or even a six star hotel. But adding wine on the bedside table or in the bathroom beside the bathtub is overkill. Plus ten negative points if you put it in a fresh bucket of ice. Remember to keep it simple and your staging in line. Is this room a bedroom? Then show off your bed and closets.

Plates ready for dinner. Plate mats, silverware, plates and glasses are arranged on the dinner table. Probably the last thing a buyer wants to see.  This can be overwhelming for hungry buyers. Not to mention confusing. Are you gonna serve dinner or what?

Open book with glasses. Probably not a total offender if staged right.

Pro tip: If you feel your buyers are a little put off by the seemingly innocent book and eyewear, add a little acting like: “Sorry you had to see that, but I just love books” and quickly swipe your probably fake eyeglasses and book away.

Rose petals. What if you and your buyer are both male? I can feel the awkwardness already? And even if that’s not the case, this is just a well-placed turnoff for every buyer. Not to mention you have to buy fresh roses every house visits.

Too much air freshenersYes, freshness can be a bad thing. Keep things in moderation and give your house just a little slap of freshness with simple and light scents. We greatly recommend smells like fresh clean laundry or a more homey smell like toasted pine cones. Keep in mind to use a minimum of two different smells to keep your buyers from nasal confusion.

Have you committed some of these staging blasphemies? Keep your sale game up by staying away from them, or working around their bad points if your heart is set on them.

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