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Why Is Our No Commission Real Estate Offer Is So Popular…? Because Commission Sucks! List Privately With Us, Sell Yourself & Pay No Commission Fees EVER!

Many people are now starting to realise that the growth in the real estate industry is inevitable and it is going to continue to grow day by day. It may plateau, but it will always continue to rise as long as the demand for property is high. Home owners who are looking to sell their house and those in the property development industry are forever looking for ways and means to increase profitability from the sale whether it be through renovation or even reducing the costs at sale such as the No Commission Real Estate approach.

If you are a property owner and you want to sell a house or commercial property fast, you need to be sure of what you are doing and do you research into who you choose to help you to sell. There are many people out there waiting to buy your property however, you have to make sure that you get only the best prospects who are willing to do the best deals. How is this manageable in this ever-competitive Real Estate industry?

If you want to sell your property or home in Australia, the best platform to sell on in this day and age would most definitely be the internet. In fact, many people truly beginning to realise the true worth of the internet and its role in property sales these days. This perhaps explains the reason as to why the number of property sales websites out there on the internet has been growing at a very rapid rate over the past few years.

Most of the sites that you will come across on the internet charge you fees for the services offered ranging from making listings to getting in touch with the prospective buyers but in saying that, they do not charge a commission like traditional Real Estate agents. We are a No Commission Property advertising agency who help you to list your property online and all you are required to pay is a listing fee to access the main Real Estate portals in Australia.

For Sale For Lease have served many people in Australia and have helped them to sell their properties privately, save on commission and generate more from their sale. Many people are not just using this platform because of the fact that they do not pay any commission but also due to the high level of customer services that are being provided as opposed to your average Real Estate agents.

How Much Are Real Estate Agent Fees In Australia?

In as much as the real estate industry in Australia has largely grown in the past couple of years, many property owners are still being ripped off their money. This is mainly the case because a lot of them are still dependent on the services that are offered by real estate agents. They therefore end up paying up a high agent fee that is not very necessary. If you fall into this category, perhaps this is the right time that you thought about your situation. You do not have to pay agent fees any more thanks to the technological developments that we are witnessing today. It does not matter whether you reside in Australia or in any other part of the world but one thing that you ought to know is that paying agent fees is not necessary at all.

There are plenty of for sale by owner property sites online such as For Sale For Lease which offer you quality free services. Research has proved that Real Estate Agent Commissions in Australia today can be in excess of 5%. If you can do your mathematics right, you will get to realise that you will be paying more than necessary to these real estate agents. In fact, the services that they offer you are not in any way related to the fees they charge. In such a case, your only sure solution would be For Sale For Lease.

How To Get Away Without Paying Real Estate Fees

In the modern day, no property seller or buyer needs to pay commissions to agents in terms of agent fees. In fact, the role of real estate agents needs to be dealt away with completely. If you understand how to use the internet for property searches and real estate arrangements, you can rest assured that you will never need to call on the services of real estate agents. One of the best platforms to use if you want to get away from paying unnecessary agent fees is For Sale For Lease. This is one of the most preferred property listing sites in Australia today.

When you are listing your property here, you won’t have to pay any commissions. Again, all the services that are offered here are absolutely free. Another good thing is that your listings are made on the top rated property sites in Australia. Therefore, if you are selling property in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney or any other major city in this part of the world, you can be sure that you will be able to get the services you require.

Here are just some of the services we offer and what we can do to help you sell your property without having to pay any commissions to Real Estate agents:

List Your Property Online

In order to make buyers out there in Australia know that you property or house if up for sale, you need to list it on Australia’s largest Real Estate websites. For Sale For Lease offers you all of the best available tools to help you to create your listing and export to the major Real Estate sites and portals. You just need to submit a few details to us regarding your property, location; address and price and then your listing will be published on some of the top ranking real estate sites in Australia today and generate the maximum amount of exposure. Here are some of the websites that we can post your property listing to:

Residential Sales

Commercial Sales

Handle Enquiries Directly

With For Sale For Lease and our No Commission Real Estate approach, we allow you to handle all of your enquiries directly, yourself. No one knows your property like you do and this is why we think this is the best way to sell in this day and age. Most people find that Real Estate agents are not reliable, are difficult to contact and charge exorbitant fees just to answer the phone. It is in your best interests if you are looking to sell your house or commercial Real Estate to pick up the phone and answer calls yourself.

Conduct Open For Inspections

Once again, we let you conduct the open for inspections to meet and greet potential buyers yourself. This is the best way for you to know which parties are interested and which ones to shortlist when selling your home or commercial property. This is another fee that gets included with Real Estate Agent Fees and it is another cost that you can most certainly get around. 

Sell To Interested Bidder

We can help you to negotiate with potential buyers and interested parties but if you are confident in doing it yourself, this is a bonus as you get to deal with the new and potential home owners through-out the entire cycle of the sales process. All you need to do is let us know if you need help with the selling and negotiation process and we will pick up the phone and deal with the interested parties. Not to worry, we won’t charge you any commission for this either.

Pay No Commission

In conclusion, if you are looking to sell a residential or commercial property, you should seriously consider the No Commission Real Estate services offered by For Sale For Lease. We will help you to list your property online on Australia’s largest property websites, allow you to handle enquiries directly, allow you to conduct the open for inspections, help you in negotiation when it comes down to the final stages and the best part, we will not charge you a cent of commission for helping you to sell your Real Estate. So, go ahead, get started with today and sell your property for the lowest possible cost and at the highest possible price.

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