So you’re done listing your property. What should be next? You would have to monitor the progress of your ad listing and all inquiries in line with the ads. Provided you have a smart phone or tablet. We made a list of the basic apps you would need that would help you become more efficient like an agent even if its not your profession.

  1. Messaging App – You’ll eventually have take calls and messages any messaging app would be fine as long as you would be able to send replies. As long as the app supports voice messages, photos, and locations.
  1. Mail App – the default mail application on your phone supports almost all of the accounts available today. Not all the time people would have the time and resources to send SMS or calls and instead communicate through email.
  1. Google Map – if the time comes that you would be taking visits, google maps would be of great help when giving out directions. Be it that they will come to you, or you will fetch them, and if ever they have questions about the surroundings you, this app will definitely come in handy.
  1. Social Networking App – Facebook, Twitter, and even Social Bookmarking apps like Reddit and such, both can help you promote your ad listing and can help you gain knowledge from other users who have useful information they share with the public.
  1. Conversion App – from conversion of measurements, money, and time, these are some of the few things you will eventually need to convert from time to time, because its always possible the your clients will be from different countries too, and when the time comes that you will be doing some DIY stuffs in the house like carpentry, these apps will come in handy.
  1. Storage App – you will be on the go most of the time, and its handy to be able to access documents stored in the computer on your phone.

These are just some of the basic apps you will need, numerous apps are available for iOS and Android, its just up to you to choose which one you will be comfortable with, in the end it’s the being user friendly of the app and the handiness that will decide how well it will workout. Having these things help you out will definitely make things easier when selling your house. But be sure to read user reviews before downloading apps so you have the idea of how well you will work with those certain apps.

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