If you have decided to sell your home, you must be ready to make it look as presentable as possible; whether your real estate is in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth (these are Australia’s big property markets) the better the impression property buyers get, the faster you will have a real offer. There are several basic things you can do to make sure that you sell quickly.


The last thing that property buyers want to view is a dirty, disheveled house. If you have cleaned your house thoroughly and regularly in the past, it should be easy to clean and prepare for prospective buyers. There is some cleaning that you can do yourself and there is some that you should leave for professional cleaners. Go around your house and make a list of all cleaning to be done and then decide what you will clean and what you will need professional cleaners to clean.


If you have been living in your house for several years, it’s very likely that there are some areas that need repairs. One of the biggest things that will reduce your chances of selling your house whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth is repairs. Buyers want houses that are in top condition. Again, you can do the repairs yourself but there are some that will need you to call in a professional.


When viewers come in, they should not find any clutter. Clutter means that they don’t get to see the rooms in their best condition. Be systematic; move from room to room getting rid of anything that is lying about and arrange items where they should be. If you can get them out of sight for the duration of the viewing, even better. This is a great time to get rid of old items that you don’t need; you can donate them, you can give them away or you can have a garage sale.


When you have personal effects lying about, it interferes with how the viewers see your property. Buying is an emotional decision; viewers want to see themselves living in your house. Photos of you and your family and any other personal effects will not help sell your house.


So far you have worked on the inside of your house and it looks great. Move to the outside and fix everything that needs to be fixed. Start by cleaning out the yard, sorting out your garden if you have one, cleaning out the garage and throwing out any clutter that may be there; do all the repairs that may be needed. You should also check if painting is needed; old paint never looks very good.


The longer you live in a house, the more likely it is that you will end up converting rooms; a bedroom can end up as a study, the dining area can become a playroom and so on. Once you have cleaned and de-cluttered each room, reassign each room to its original role so that the new owners can see it clearly. Rearrange the furniture to fit the purpose of the room and remove anything that does not belong. It is also a great way of creating space. As we mentioned at the beginning, the state of your property when you are selling will determine how fast you get a buyer; you want to wow them so that you can close the transaction quickly. You know your home best so take the time to make sure that you have done your utmost.

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