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If you ask most people how they can buy or sell property in Australia, they will tell you that they would use an agent. This is not the only way though; it’s not even the best way. With more and more people using the internet to buy and sell all kinds of things, has become the fastest, most convenient and cheapest way to sell or buy property. And it eliminates the use of an estate agent – by listing on through For Sale For Lease, you don’t need to ever contact an agent for anything.

How Can You List On Without An Agent?

It is very simple to list privately on All you need to do is select a listing package above and list your property. We recommend that before you list, you look at other properties that are already up so that you can understand what a listing looks like. Whether you want to buy or sell, looking at another listed property will help you list yours in a way that is likely to attract the right kind of attention in the shortest time.

After you have listed your property and paid the necessary fee, we take the listing and re-list it with some of the biggest property websites in Australia. Your property will be seen on websites like, and You may be wondering if you cannot go directly to these sites and make your property listing yourself; it is because they require that you have a license to access them. Once your property is on these websites, you have just given your property the exposure that it needs to sell fast and for a competitive price.

Why List On

Other than the fact that you get the exposure needed for a quick and more profitable transaction, there are other benefits for you when you list on

  1. Selling your house through an agent is expensive. When you list with us, you have immediately avoided the huge agent fee that you would otherwise have to pay if you sold through the traditional way. All we ask from you is a small listing fee. At, the most expensive package we have is not more than $500, peanuts compared to what you would have to pay a real estate agent.
  2. If you are selling a house, you should list with us because it is likely that you will sell it for more than if you used an agent. Once we list you on the bigger property websites, you will be seen by many more people and that means more interest for your property. More interest means that you can up the price and you will still get a buyer.
  3. We let you manage your listing according to how you think your marketing is going. If you are not getting attention quickly enough, you can edit your listing so that it is more attractive. We also allow you to change the photos if you feel the need to.
  4. We don’t get in the way of negotiations. Once a buyer shows an interest in your property, we put you in touch with them and you can negotiate with them as you see fit.
  5. Once you list with us, we give you all the advice and tips on how you can sell your home as fast as possible and for more money.
  6. Should we not be able to sell your house for you, we will refund your fee fully and guide you to a real estate agent who can help you sell your property for a negotiated commission fee.
  7. We list your property within 24 hours of posting. This is faster than what most real estate agents will do.

Other than these major benefits, there are other minor ones; our services include marketing materials like for sale signs and photos that will help you attract the foot traffic near the property. Overall, it is a much better idea to list your property online if you want to sell or even buy. You will have eliminated the delay and the expense that comes with a real estate agent. There are other property websites in Australia that do just what we do, but we are the most trusted.

Listing with us means that there is no risk on your part – we promise to sell your property for you more efficiently and if you feel that we have not done our job, you can always ask for your money back. We don’t just list properties on; we have a service that helps sell real estate as well as commercial premises, businesses and it works in exactly the same way that selling properties does.

Selling On Is Easy

If you are looking to sell your property and gain the maximum amount of profit, then you should definitely consider avoiding hiring a real estate agent who will charge you a large commission fee. More and more people in Australia are turning towards selling their own property online and avoiding having to pay the high commission charged by real estate agents. Still, if you are considering trying to sell you own home or property, some ways are much better than others.

How To List on Privately

If you are looking to sell your home privately without using a real estate agent, then one of the best ways to do so is to list your property online. There are quite a few different for sale by owner websites out there, and the number keeps increasing every year. The advantages of selling your home on this type of site are numerous, but one of the biggest has to be that you will not need to pay the large real estate commission fees. In fact, most online real estate portals have several different payment options for your real estate listing. Still, it can be hard to decide which one is the best.

Nonetheless, if you are truly serious about selling your home online, then one of the best ways is to list your home on If you decide to sell on, you will be able to decide exactly how you wish to pay for your real estate listing. You will have the option to choose a flat rate, a monthly rate for your listing, or even the option to pay nothing until your home is sold. This will give you much more freedom to create the listing you want and maximize the profit that you make on selling your home.

Getting Started With Us Is Super Easy, Call Us On 1300 622 300

Overall, the decision to list on with For Sale For Lease is one of the best real estate decisions you can make, and it is also incredibly easy. To begin, it is recommended that you look at other homes for sale on so that you can get an idea of exactly how you want your listing to appear. Then you should start creating a draft of your home listing, including a very detailed description of your home as well as the neighborhood or area that your home is in. You should also take several very high quality pictures of your home, including the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, front and back yard, and any other features that you want to highlight. Then all you will need to do is sign up to sell house on, choose your payment option, and upload your description and photos to create your listing. Then you can just sit back and wait for potential homebuyers to contact you, and then you can arrange for them to come and view your home.

There are also other online real estate options available, such as, but is definitely the most trusted option. Alternatively, you could also choose a third part real estate website that will create a listing on all of the popular real estate portals for you, and normally at a decent price. Overall, the options for selling your home online are quite varied and depend exclusively on your needs. Still, no matter what you end up choosing, you will definitely be happy that you decided to sell your home privately online, especially when you get the check for your home and see just how much of a profit you were able to make.

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