Recently my next door neighbour was informed by her employer that she was being transferred interstate and would need to move fairly quickly. She didn’t have any family here, so decided she wanted a quick private house sale so she could find a home close to her workplace and start afresh. She asked me “I need to sell my house quick, and I want to sell without agents. How do I go about it?”

In a wildly fluctuating housing market, there are no guarantees that you’ll be able to achieve a quick private house sale. But many For Sale For Lease clients have gone on to sell without agents have used these tips to great success.


Many people who need a quick sale on their home will try to sell without agents, but there’s no harm in at least talking to a qualified agent who can discuss the logistics and legalities of a private house sale. They might suggest changes that will influence the ability of your home to sell quickly. They may evaluate your home in order to determine its market value and thus your asking price.

Fix up anything in your home that needs repairing or is wearing out with age, whether it’s the hot water system or a crack in a wall. These things are what people look out for when they’re inspecting potential homes to live in.

Remove the clutter from your property. If you haven’t used it in the last three years, you’re not likely to use it again. Removing the inside clutter will make your home look bigger, while getting rid of the rubbish outside significantly improves your home’s ‘curb appeal’. Make the house is impeccably presentable for potential buyers coming in.

Sometimes a quick sale at $5000 less than your asking price is better than a long, drawn out process. After all, there’s usually an important reason why you’re looking to sell quickly. So be prepared for the possibility that you may need to set your price below market value and be ready to negotiate.


Upload a video of your home to Youtube. Take high quality photographs of your property and post them online. Many people will judge a home by photos online before deciding to inspect the property itself. Sell your home on Ebay if you need to.

Like my next door neighbour, if you find yourself in the position where you need to sell your house quickly, speak to us at For Sale For Lease. We are not real estate agents – we specialise as a service for vendors looking for a private house sale. We can list your property for sale on our website, and provide you with the knowledge and tools to sell without agents and potentially save an average of $15000 in the process.

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