Most of us, if not all, consider our homes to be our largest financial investment. Therefore, it only makes sense that if you’re selling your home you want to receive more than what you invest – a large sum of money to handle especially when you don’t have to pay for commission. It is important that you maximize the amount of money you will receive as you sell your home. You can achieve this by using your commonsense and extra investment so the return would be a lot.

Invest in the Right Lighting

If you want to optimize your home before placing it in the real estate market, start with the right lighting. The right lighting can go a long way. Homebuyers don’t want to walk into dark, dull homes and that probably goes the same for you. A dark room is an immediate turn off because it gives an impression of small storage room. This is the reason why homes with plenty of natural light are easily marketable because it looks more spacious than it is.

In the same manner, the windows must be spotless so dust and dirt would not block the entry of light. If you have curtains that have not been washed since, now would be the time to get them into laundry.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Light-colored paints are ideal for homes being put for sale. Like natural light, it can make any room look more spacious than it actually is and more ventilated. A fresh coat of paint in major rooms like living room, kitchen and master bedroom is adequate. There is no need to get the entire house repainted.

Everything Immaculate

You might also want to ensure that everything is immaculate. Even if your home is not that luxurious and big, a well-positioned mirror can create reflections of a big, optimized room. Also, do not place your home in real estate listing until the entire house is tidy. Put away all boxes of your things and while you’re at it remove anything that represents your personality. There is no way homebuyers can imagine themselves living in your home if these things get in the way.

A cheap version of storage is storage sheds that you can easily setup in your backyard. These sheds are relatively cheap and helpful in storing your personal belongings while you’re waiting for the final deal.

What factors of home selling that you can control?

The Home’s Condition during the Process: When you’re selling your home, it needs to be in a great condition, which you can easily control. Though you cannot change the existing structure of your home, its maintenance is extremely vital. You’re the one who is in control so you must make sure that there will be no clutter, the entire home is neat and well-serviced.

The Terms of Sale: The right price with its incentive makes it easier for homebuyers to consider buying your home. You can give out an incentive or a copy of the inspection report so people will think how serious a seller you are.

Make it Available: If you want to reach a wider market in real estate and increase the odds of selling it in the first month you’ve placed it for listing, you must work on the schedule that makes it available for homebuyers. Be flexible enough that means buyers can call you anytime and you’re there to cater to their needs. Also, make sure that the home is available for moving in “anytime.” You’re ready to move out whenever you have closed out the deal.

Finally, make a market analysis when it comes to determining the right price. Compare the prices of all homes sold in your locality as well as those that are still in the listings. Only then you can craft out the right terms and increase your chances of selling your home fast.

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