There are homes that are family-oriented and there are others that are not. If you are an owner of a property that’s child-friendly, you should consider targeting mum buyers more. Your target audience is specific and mothers are your greatest critic. Most mums would want a fun and safe environment where they could raise their kids and there is no negotiating this.


Generally, mums have specific needs when it comes to looking for homes. The keywords are safe, spacious and practical. Specifically, they look for the following:

Child-Friendly: It is very time-consuming if you’re going to make your home child-friendly but mums are easily impressed with homes that have taken extra mile in preparing their homes for families with kids. Examples of this nice addition is installing window guards, child-proof locks and even stove locks. Mums would likely feel at ease checking out your home.

Complete Fence: Properties with complete fence are also appealing to mothers because they can allow their kids play outside without becoming too concerned about them wandering in the street. If the family has a pet like dogs or is considering to have one, a property with complete fence is one of their good options.

Practical Homes: Taking care of kids require a lot of effort but things become convenient if the home is equipped with practical features such as storage areas or laundry shoots. Most families get a lot of laundry because of the growing kids so laundry shoot and well-located laundry room with plenty of storage areas make your home irresistible to mothers.

As you know, having plenty of storage areas is important for mums because kids usually have a lot of toys, clothes and other accessories that need storing. If you can, free as much space storage space as you can or prepare the home in a way that will offer a lot of storage space so mums would consider buying your home.

Spaces for Play-Time and Relaxation: The most important part of a mother’s day is play-time and relaxation considering the stress she will battle on a daily basis. If your home has enough space for relaxation and play-time, you’re actually thinking about how they can de-stress. Homes equipped with large tubs, swimming pools and library are often options for mothers looking for a home but do not compromise on the safety features especially for swimming pools.


  • Take advantage of your home’s features and clean your area. Cleanliness is just as important as having child-friendly home. Since your target audience is mothers, cleanliness becomes an essential part considering it’s what they do day in and day out. Make sure that everything is absolutely spotless even if this means you need to tidy the cupboards.
  • Refurnish and redecorate if necessary so mums would feel the radiating creativity and style. Today, mums are more stylish than ever – which means they would be meticulous about the decoration and furnishings. The interior of your home is affected greatly by the color of your walls, furniture pieces and accessories. Do not inject any personality into the interior of your home to give mums a chance to imagine doing the decorating themselves once they move in. Get the backdraft done but let their creative imagination do the talking.
  • Tweak and repair anything that looks off in your home. Remember: you cannot make your home child-friendly if you cannot fix anything that needed fixing. You should also tweak the existing design of your home so it would look fresh and new. Therefore, homebuyers will find your home appealing and inviting.

Now that you know what it takes to prepare a home so it becomes appealing to mum homebuyers, it is time to put this knowledge into application. With the right marketing and targeted ads, you will be able to reach thousands of mums wanting to buy your property – ready to add their own personal touch.

Photo Credit: Donnie Ray Jones

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