For any home, appropriate lighting is about as important as the roof that covers it. And even though many people will politely disagree, the statement still holds true. Okay, maybe it’s not as important as the roof, but well, it most definitely comes close enough. The lighting does, after all, manage to alter the mood of the occupants, change the ambience or simply make the home look classy, eclectic, or whatever you choose. You may not have too many jaw-dropping interior works to boast of, but just add unique, stylish or even whimsical lights or light fittings, and lo! The entire look of your home is changed.


This is just my favourite lighting fixture idea. Hands down! It’s cute, it’s funny and it’s absolutely unique, even though the basic idea borders on morbidity. But it won’t take time for you to get over that last bit. The lamp is quite simplistic, really, with just a horizontal rod, from which hangs a figure, with a light-bulb in his head. Those with a special inclination towards Black Humour, I’m can almost see you smirking right now.


For those, whose life pretty much revolves around trees, you can now have one right in your bedroom or any room, for that matter. On second thoughts, you don’t even have to be a tree lover; this thing is so beautiful, and you’ll fall in love right away. The Tree of Light can either be a drawing of a tree on the wall, filled in with tiny LED lights, or you can also have a thin wire or metal framework stuck to the wall, and covered with lights. For the real WOW effect, make sure it’s floor to ceiling.


For those with an undying fancy for the extraordinary and the extra-terrestrial, this is something like a dream-come-true! Have the light fitting shaped like a flying saucer hanging from the ceiling, or fix it lying sideways on the wall. Put in bulbs with colours of your choice and baffle the visitors! This can also be considered as a very amusing thing to have in children’s bedrooms. You can adjust it such that it revolves and the height can be altered every now and then, as per requirements. Add some sound effects too, for that extra element of fun.


This can get a little complicated and energy consuming, but do it just so that you can use it for special occasions. Because nothing can bedazzle and amaze people like this lighting idea. Here’s what you should do- have numerous small bulbs hanging from many random points all over the ceiling. The bulbs should be hanging at different heights, as opposed to one uniform height. The beauty it’ll add to the room will be reflected on the faces of those who see the spectacle.


The stacks of wine glasses keep on piling up, as do the wine bottles, and you don’t quite know what to do with them. Here’s a brilliant recycle plus home décor idea. Create sets of three to four wine glasses or wine bottles of different sizes and different colours in case of wine bottles. Cut the neck portion off, so you have a wide mouth to fit the bulb in. They look classy, tastefully done and reflect your creativity.


No, this does not mean ‘cancelled light’. Here, it means, light coming from cans. How? It’s simple and similar to what you did with the wine glasses. Take your usual cans, take off the stickers and the packaging, and clean them to nice and shiny. Now, cut the cans, either at the top portion or vertically/horizontally into half, or in any irregular designed pattern. Next, pierce small holes through the cans- so light falls out through the holes. And hang them up or just stack them by the table. NOBODY will even suspect what those lampshades are made of. And when they do, you can just sit back and smirk.


So, there’s plenty of that wire mesh remaining from the recent home improvement project. Instead of waiting to use it for the next time, here’s how you can put it to use right away- take a considerably sized roll or sheet or wire mesh. Now, bend it into an almost-ball, so that the ends remain open. Attach strings to use it as a hanging, or just invert it and place it on a stand. To make things a little more interesting, you can also use barbed wires shaped into a pattern of your choice. However, remember that things get a little difficult with both these wires, so consider using some professional help for the same.

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