A lot of homebuyers mistakenly think that their homes are worth more than they actually are, and this tends to be a major problem when they are trying to sell. It is understandable – they have, after all, developed an emotional attachment that makes them think only the best about their home. The truth, when it comes to selling, is that it takes a lot of planning, preparation and awareness of market conditions to get the right buyer. If you are planning to sell your house, here are some tips that will help you sell faster.

Get the pricing right

This is determined by how much similar homes in your neighborhood are going for. It is true that you may have done some renovations recently and you feel that you should add the cost of these to the sale value and buyers will be happy to pay. It doesn’t always work like that. Buyers will be looking for a home like yours but not necessarily willing to pay more for a few renovations.  You might also attach a big price tag so that you allow yourself room for negotiations. This could completely lock you out as buyers simply see the figure that you have quoted, not that you expect them to bargain.

Decide how you should sell

Market conditions will tell you how you can sell your home quickly. If you are facing a buyers’ market, there is low demand for houses and you may have to hold off for a little while. A seller’s market means you have the upper hand and you can play around with the price a little. You should also think of how you want to make the sale – do you want to go to auction, which guarantees you a date of sale but may nit fetch the price you are looking for? Do you want to do it the traditional way, with just adverts and posters and people coming round to view? You may sell at a higher price this way but it may take you longer.

Think about demand

Are people looking for houses to buy in your area? What would make people come to your property? Are you close to the amenities that would make your house more desirable? If you are not, you may want to think about what you can do so that your house can pull the right kind of buyers.

Stage strategically

All buyers want to walk into a house that looks as good as new. That means that when you make the decision to sell, you must be ready to do all the repairs necessary if you want to attract the right price for it. It is dangerous to cover major problems with slapstick work; some buyers will come with an independent home inspector who can catch hidden problems and if word gets out, it becomes very hard to sell your house.

Market in the right places

Marketing is about more than putting up adverts. If you are going to get a buyer fast, look for the places where your house is most visible. Place it online on websites where people who are looking to buy go. Place ads in the newspaper or in magazines only if you think it will help. Don’t distribute flyers if you are not convinced that they will do the trick. In other words, consider carefully where you advertise so that you can get maximum visibility.

Respond in time

If a potential buyer calls you and leaves a message, call them back as soon as you get it. Any time wasted could be time when that same buyer is looking at other properties and who knows, they might find something that they think suits them. When you are advertising, choose the medium that is easiest and fastest for you to respond. If it is your phone, give out your phone number. If it is your email, give out your email address.

Be ready for viewings

If you want to sell, you cannot be choosy about when people can view your house. Be ready to take them there at the drop of a hat. This also means that your home as well as the real estate around it has to be in spick and span condition at all times.

Don’t reject that first offer

Remember the first buyer who made you an offer that you turned down because you thought you could do better? 6 weeks later, you don’t have any other offer. That first offer is usually the one. Take it and then negotiate for the best amount that you can. Many homeowners, especially those who are selling for the first time ignore initial offers only to regret it later.

Finally, always keep in mind that your home is just another home in the eyes of someone who is looking to buy. Unless it has very special and attractive features, they will treat it like the last one they viewed; take some time to make it look better than perfect.

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