With the influx of homesellers around the country, one of your greatest concerns probably this time is how can you make your property salable compared to others – what is your edge? By this moment you might start wondering what could possibly be every buyer would want to have in his home. To ease out your anxiety, here’s a quick guide on the things that your prospective buyer would look for a house.


Who would not want to live in a house where almost everything necessary can be accessed anytime of the day? Who would not want to live in an area where business and personal matters can be attended in just a matter of hour or minutes? This is one aspect that would really mean so much for buyers, most especially for those who are working or governing their own small businesses. Not only does this make their jobs faster, this also gives them more time to bond with friends and family, since they can be spared from long hours of being stuck in traffic or long distance drive. The accessibility of your property should be one of your major concerns since this could primarily help or put down your property. Although this would depend on the kind of buyer, but according to certain surveys, more people are in line of buying properties that can be found in the heart of the city where important business and personal transactions are done.


One of the essential aspect that you must look into is the current situation in your community. Is it prone to burglary? Are there cases of homicide or murder? Are there any news on unexplainable cases around the neighborhood? These might sound obnoxious or hypothetically of no sense but second to the physiological need of every human being is the assurance of security. No matter how convenient life would be living in your place, when it is susceptible to danger, buyers would really think twice or rather automatically turn down the deal once they figure out the current issues or problems around the area. As an owner, you can help in addressing these cases by adding security cameras around the house or putting up some security measures like alarms, automatic locks, and any other portable gadgets that can keep you tracked with the activities done in the house. This might add up to your expenses but at least, with all these made evident to your buyers, you can reassure them that they will be safe and sound in the property that they will be purchasing.


Another highlight that makes a property salable is its appearance. Of course, who would want to stay in a house that is poorly decorated or designed? Color combination, paintings, floor tiling, roofs and all the other parts of the house are essential and should be impressive upon the visit of the buyer and most especially during his or her stay. Electric wirings should also be considered, as well as the water system of the house. While these can also be personally done by the buyer, should they wish to have it personalized or of their own choice, it is but more conventional if the house is already a package once they purchase it. According to some surveys, the bracket of potential buyers run down to those who are employees or couples who are just starting their families. Although they can have the time to arrange some important set up in the house, having these important details can already help in winning the heart of your costumer.

Yes, that’s all you need! The three important aspect that can guide you in putting up your property and making is salable are: accessibility, security and some important features that can make your house impressive and a good deal to potential buyers. Though there can be additional features to choose from, giving due importance to the above mentioned categories can already help you in selling your property. Once everything is settled, you can already advertise it, by any means you know. Simple isn’t it? Who says you can’t prepare your house for selling? Prove them wrong!

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