If you the company you work in decides to reassign you to another branch or plant, you would have to consider relocating as well. This means that you would have to transfer from one home to another. The next question would be what you are going to do with the home that you leave behind. This is when you would consider the thought of selling your home. You may ask that if “I sell my house” would this be a good decision. If you sell your own home, would you really be able to earn according to the real value of the property.

While the above concerns may bother you, you should still not reconsider the option of selling your home. Just think of it that if “I sell my house, I would no longer have to deal with two properties.” Since you are relocating to another home, you would already have two properties to take care of. This would naturally mean doubling your expenses. If you really have no plans of returning, then you should just sell your own home. Doing so would free you from your responsibility of the home that you left. Because of this, you could just focus on the expenses that you would have for the new home.

However, you may not decide to sell your previous house out of sentimental reasons. This may be the first house that you and your wife have bought or you may have been raised in this. These may be enough reasons for you not to let others possess the place. But while the reasons you may have are understandable, these are still impractical. One thing that you should remember is that sentimentalism could never make a person rich. This is because it prompts one to keep hold of things that would have been converted into something more tangible if sold.

You may decide not to sell your own home though because of practical reasons. One instance is when you think that you are still going back to the place anyway. If your previous home is the ideal one, especially when you are already retired, then you should never sell it to anyone. But then again, you just have to bear the consequences, which include having to spend more for its maintenance. If you can afford the maintenance then you may think “I will never sell my house.” But if you cannot and if it would just be such a burden, you may decide otherwise.

It is clear that there should be valid and weighty reasons why you should come a point when you would say to yourself “I will sell my own home.” The fact that you may have invested so much in it may just prevent you from carrying out the decision. However, you should also avoid getting caught in sentimentalism. As much as possible you should emphasize practicality always. If you believe that to sell your own home would result in better finances, then you should not stop yourself from doing so.

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