It is important to check an apartment thoroughly before you decide to buy it or rent it. There are many things that you need to take into account before making a final decision. Therefore, you should personally visit the apartment and evaluate it on the basis of various aspects.


The most essential step is to make a detailed checklist and note down everything that you would like in and around your apartment. On the basis of these criteria, you can analyze and evaluate the apartments that you visit with the intention of either purchasing them or renting them. This comprehensive checklist will ensure that you find an apartment that meets all your needs and requirements.


When you visit the apartment, you have to look at many things in a very brief period of time. Use your checklist to help you evaluate the various aspects of the house. Take down notes to help you remember important features that you need to compare with other houses you visit. The most important thing is to pay attention to detail. Look at every bedroom; see if the size of the bedrooms is comfortable for your family. Check the kitchen and bathrooms and see if they meet your expectations and if they are in proper condition. Moreover, check the entertainment room, the lounge and other areas where you will spend quality time with your family. These areas in the house should be cozy and comfortable as they will be used by your family most of the time.


To check whether an apartment is suitable for your family, you do not just inspect the inside but also evaluate the outside of the apartment. Here are some things you will need to look at:

Car Park Facility

Make sure the apartment building has a proper car parking facility. Also check the amount of cars you are permitted to park and the fee that will be charged if you wish to park more than one car.

Drainage, Water Supply and Other Facilities

Proper drainage and water supply facilities should be available in the apartment.


This is a key element to be considered when renting or buying an apartment. The apartment should be located in a neighborhood that has amenities like schools, hospitals, shops, restaurants, gym, parks etc. Having these amenities nearby will save you transport costs. Moreover, your workplace should be near your apartment as well to save you time and cost of travelling to your office and back. You should also see if the area has access to public transport and how far you have to walk to reach a bus stop or a subway station.

Surrounding Environment

Make sure the location you are choosing is not in a very high-traffic area. The area around your apartment should be free of any pollution and noise disturbances. Peaceful and calm surroundings make a home more pleasant. Furthermore, ensure that the area is sufficiently secure to live in.

Mark is a property consulant, he works for Globalserve Properties, a company that can help you find and buy the best apartment in Cyprus

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