You want to make your home a safe environment for friends and family. You keep the floors picked up and you know better than to run electoral wires across the carpet. Children are curious, so you keep sharp items like scissors safely out of reach and have special covers on outlets. However, your home is still full of hidden dangers that put your loved ones in harm’s way. Be aware of these hidden dangers to keep your family safe.


Older homes are prone to having bad wiring, and that can lead to serious injury or even death if someone is electrocuted or a fire starts. Even newer homes can have wiring problems when unscrupulous electricians and homeowners take dangerous shortcuts. If you are struggling with flickering lights, circuit breakers that trip regularly or hot switch plates and outlet wall covers, you should have your electrical system inspected. Another warning sign of serious problems is discolouration around outlets or outlets that spark. If you see any of the warning signs, call in a professional electrical company to inspect the house and make your wiring safer.


Small amounts of mold in the bathroom are normal and not dangerous. Cleaned easily with bleach or other cleaners, you don’t usually have to worry if there’s a little mold on the shower wall. However, mold lurking in other areas of the house is not normal, and it can become a serious problem if not brought under control.
The warning signs of a hidden mold infestation including hay fever-like symptoms that persist for long periods. If any family member has been sick with allergy symptoms when it’s not allergy season, you should start searching the house for mold. Move furniture, look behind curtains and pull appliances away from walls. In addition to finding and treating the mold, you should also find and correct the source. Larger areas of mold should be treated by the professionals for your protection and to prevent it from spreading throughout the home.


You’ve spent a good deal of time making your home attractive, but sometimes your own decorations are a hazard. The CPSC reports that nearly 170 children under the age of 8 were fatally crushed by falling TVs between 2000 and 2010. Make sure large TVs are placed on sturdy stands where they will not tip over if bumped. Flat screen TVS weigh less, but they can become dangerous when falling from their elevated position on walls. Make sure wall-mounted TVs are securely attached.

Bookshelves may look perfect in the corner of your child’s room for books and games, but they can easily tip over if your little one decides to climb on them. Whether you have young children in the house or not, tall furnishings should be secured to walls to prevent them from falling over. You may be dreaming of Roman shades or Venetian blinds, but tread carefully if you have youngsters. Children like to play with the hanging cords and can easily wrap them around their necks. Either use roller blinds that eliminate cords or invest in special cord keepers that keep the cords safely contained and out of reach. Anything that’s mounted on the walls should be properly secured. Use special wall anchors to support paintings, mirrors and other items. Check the weight load on your hardware to make sure it can hold the weight. With the right hardware and anchors ,you won’t have to worry about a painting falling and hurting someone you care about.


You would never allow a puddle of water to sit on the floor, but those aren’t the standing water threats you should be worried about. Children can drown in an inch of water, and there are more bodies of water in your house than you realize. When you run water in the bathtub, don’t leave it unattended for a moment to prevent your child from falling in and drowning. Children are curious, and washing machines can be deadly. Make the laundry room off-limits. Keep step stools and furniture that your child could climb on away from the washer so your little one won’t get curious. Invest in special toilet latches to toddlers won’t open the lid and drown the toilet. You want your home to be safe, but children are curious and will find dangers you never knew existed. Even if you don’t have children, some of these situations are just as dangerous for adults as they are for toddlers. Use these tips to check your home for hidden dangers and make it safer for all of your loved ones.

Ben Sawyer is a content contributor for Moldbusters blog. Here he wrote about his point of view about mold and other hidden dangers in the house. You can follow Ben on Twitter to stay updated about his new blog posts.

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