Selling your house can be a mess of different things, like arranging paper works, cleaning, finding a new home, and quite especially, setting up for showings.


Showings are events that happen when potential buyers want to take a look into their potential home. Of course, you’ll want your house in its top shape for others to view. So with your little kiddies in tow, just how are you going to do it?


When potential buyers come a ’ringing, let them know you need at least two hours so you can set the house straight. Most of them will understand that your life is not always on hold to give way for showings. A pro tip is to write a “for show” list where everything that needs to be put away or take care of is found and everyone has a part to do. This way, whenever a showing is scheduled, you can be at ease that everything is at its place and done on time.


Let your kids choose their favorite toys and put away everything else neatly. This way, when it’s time for showings, you can instantly clean and put away the select few toys that are still out. An extra tip is to let them help you on putting them away in boxes so they know exactly where they are when you unpack after moving.


We love our kids but they can be a bother during selling your house. Talk to your friendly neighbors or your parents if they can take your kids to the park or zoo on short notice. Showings can take less than an hour so you can also opt for cheaper short drives around the neighborhood or visits to the library.


If your buyer is an obvious parent or expectant one, try setting up some of your kid’s toys in a playroom. This can be especially eye catching if they brought their kids along. But remember, the key is still bareness. Keep the toys to a minimum but enough to send suggestions like “Our kids had fun in this house, so can yours!” or maybe just a heads up of what they can do when they decide to buy it.


Lastly, to keep your children from being scared or confused during these trying times, communicate and explain to them your reasons for moving. Letting them understand gives them a little control over this situation. By knowing what’s happening around them, they can be trusted to be responsible to help around the house more, or just not get in the way.


If you’re a parent selling your house, these tips can lessen the stress on you and on your children during showings. But of course, the best parent tip is to reward your children with a new house they can call home after you’ve put them through this dizzying journey of cleaning, dusting, boxing, packing and unpacking.


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