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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who Are

We are a professional real estate advertising agency that give our clients the opportunity to sell or lease your residential or commercial property or business online for a fraction of what a conventional real estate agency will charge. Our packages start from as little as $200 and a full-list of our package, pricing and payment forms can be found here:

How Is It Possible To Sell Or Lease At Such Low Prices?

We achieve such drastic savings by allowing vendors to maintain their own online advertisements, conduct their own open for inspections and reply to enquiries about their property. It is important to our business that our clients take responsibility for managing these tasks in order for us to be able to continue providing such an affordable service.

An Agent Told Me It’s Very Risky To Sell or Lease Privately, Is This True?

By using For Sale For Lease you gain access to over 30 years of combined real estate experience. Unlike most of our competitors we employ professional real estate agents and therefore we can provide you with the same expert knowledge as a conventional real estate agency.

If I Want To Get Started, What’s The Next Step?

It’s simple:

  1. Click on the ‘List Property Now’ button (located to the top right of our website homepage)
  2. Provide your contact details
  3. Provide a property description and photos
  4. Take your pick of our optional products and services,
  5. Complete the payment step

We will then create your account and send you pertinent information about your listing. Provided we receive all the right information from you including property description and photos, your listing will then be activated. It’s that simple! The whole process can take less than a day.

What Are The Property / Business Description & Image Requirements?

We are bound by the Acceptable Use Policy published by which outlines guidelines for publishing listings on We apply these industry-standard guidelines to all our listings irrespective of which web sites they are published on. We recommend a maximum of 20 images (although 30 is permitted), which must be in JPEG format and no larger than 2MB in size. Images which are smaller than 800 x 600 pixels are not suitable and can often result in your images looking stretched and distorted. We also discourage the use of panoramic and wide angle images.

How Are The Enquiries Handled By

Enquiries are generally made using the online form provided on your listing or by calling our office. Online form enquiries are automatically forwarded to your email address, and a copy is sent to us for record keeping. Phone enquiries during office hours are answered by several of our staff and forwarded to you by email. If an enquirer will call after office hours and during the weekends, they are directed to a voice recording which prompts them to make an enquiry on the website that they found the listing on. Once an enquiry is made on that website, these email enquiries are forwarded directly to your inbox. Most enquiries are made through online forms because it is convenient fast and free. Best of all it arrives in your mailbox almost immediately. Only a small proportion of enquiries are made via telephone.

What Services Do You Offer & What Is Not Included In The Listing / Monthly Fee?

We offer a number of additional products and services to assist you with marketing your property. These include For Sale/Lease corflute signs, photo boards, A4 sized brochures, professional photography, floor plans and more. Visit our additional products and services page for further details.

How Long Will My Signs / Extras Take To Be Delivered?

If you purchased or are eligible for a free corflute sign, we will dispatch your sign within one business day after you sign up via Australia Post’s regular service, unless other arrangements are made. Delivery times will vary depending on your location.

When I Update My Listing, How Long Does It Take To Reflect Online?

Every time you make a change to your listing it will go into Draft mode and the previous version of it will remain live. We need to review and approve all changes which is done at regular intervals every business day. Once your changes are approved, your listing will go into Available mode, and it will be approximately two more hours before it is automatically exported to third party web sites. Please remember it is your responsibility to maintain your listing using Agentpoint once your account is activated.

Can I Put My Listing On Hold And If So, How Long For?

You can put your listing on hold for up to three months. If you signed up with our Upfront package, you will not be charged any monthly fees within this period. Your listing will remain withdrawn until you notify us to reactivate it. At that point a $100 administration charge will apply and your recurring charges will be reinstated. If your listing is inactive for more than three months, a brand new listing fee will apply.

How Do I Cancel My Listing?

If you wish to cancel your listing or if your property has been leased or sold, please send us an e-mail as soon as possible and we will mark your listing as withdrawn/leased/sold, and cancel any future recurring payments. If you signed up with one of our Upfront packages which includes automatic monthly recurring payments, we require a minimum of two business days’ notice to cancel any pending payments before your next billing cycle starts (the billing cycle starts on the date you signed up and ends on the same date the following month).

What Should I Do If I’d Like To Engage A Local Real Estate Agent?

If your property doesn’t sell, we can refer you to a full service real estate agent and will refund your upfront payment upon the successful sale of your property. The upfront payment includes the setup fee only and no recurring monthly fees will be refunded. Please refer to the For Sale For Lease Terms and Conditions for more details.

*This information is based on statistics from Nielsen Online, and internal statistics from for September 2009.

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