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For Sale For Lease Review –

The face of the real estate industry within Australia is changing. Whereas in the past it was impossible to sell your home without the help of a real estate agent, today you can do so with ease via a number of increasingly popular For Sale by Owner (FSBO) websites. These FSBO sites often seem promising but in reality have many pitfalls. Read on to view the full Review and to find out why sites like For Sale For Lease are slowly taking over a large share of online real estate by allowing savvy home owners to sell their homes without having to pay excessive fees.

Despite the increasing popularity of these websites, For Sale by Owner websites account for a very small percentage of all property sales in Australia. Property markets in countries where the FSBO concept is already well developed have been known to demand a large market share of private property sales. This new property-selling trend is still in its early stages in Australia, which means the market is open and ready for smart individuals who are sick of commission fees and who want to take part in the lucrative real estate market sector.

Why are Australians still playing catch-up?

Selling a property is a process with a number of important steps that need to be followed in order to sell successfully. Some important steps in this process include:

  1. Marketing your property
  2. Generating plentiful, legitimate buyer enquiries

Many Australian sellers shy away from FSBO style websites because although they like the idea of selling their home for a fraction of the cost, the thought of having to market their property and generate buyer interest on their own is overwhelming. For many Australians, property is very expensive and selling a family home is a once in a lifetime event. They become over whelmed by this and therefore they do it the old fashioned way, and the way they always have done, via a real estate agent, and unwillingly fork out the cash for commission fees and other expenses.

This is probably one of the major reasons why our market is still in its infancy compared to other countries. However experience tells us that it is possible to sell your property yourself, and get great results, if you have the backing of experienced real estate agents who can support you in specific aspects of selling your home for which training and expertise is needed, but without the huge commission fee. The internet is changing the way that we buy and sell in many ways, and at For Sale For Lease we want to give our clients the opportunity to be at the forefront of an emerging trend, and get great results.

Below is a list of problems which sellers experience when using other FSBO websites, and the ways that For Sale For Lease differs from these.

Issue # 1 – Exposure sells

What many home owners fail to realise is that although most For Sale by Owner style websites will list your property on their own private site, most of these home-grown websites fail to reach the majority of the market, who use major portals like and to search for properties.These smaller sites represent a tiny percentage of all online property searches, which, unfortunately is not enough exposure in today’s market place. At For Sale For Lease we will list your property on Australia’s favourite online real estate portals, including, to give your property the best possible exposure to the all important online property market.

Issue # 2 – The difficulty of preparing sale documentation

The act of preparing the contract of sale and organising vendors statements is a huge barrier, preventing many buyers from entering into the private sale market. Most home owners are unfamiliar with this process, and unfortunately the majority of FSBO websites leave everything, including this difficult, legal matter, up to the private individual. At For Sale For Lease we believe it is best if the more difficult aspects of property sales and management are handled by capable and experienced real estate professionals. We have a vast network of affiliates in the industry who will be able to assist you with every step of the way.

Issue # 3 – Not enough time

People who work full-time or have numerous commitments outside work have traditionally not been interested in For Sale By Owner websites because the support they offered did not reach beyond paying their fees and setting up the listing. Getting the house ready, preparing advertisements, handling property enquiries, arranging open for inspections, conducting OFI’s,  negotiating with potential purchasers, preparing the contract of sale and handling deposits is a huge amount of work for someone that already has a lot on their plate.

No sane home owner would take on this kind of responsibility unless they had a lot of time on their hands and detailed knowledge of the Australian property market. People like this are few and far between in these time poor, modern times. For Sale For Lease recognises that whilst owners may be the best person to market their properties, there are other aspects of selling your home, such as photo boards, and handling property enquiries, which are better handled by experienced professionals. We offer a wide range of additional products and services to accommodate for this.

Issue # 4 – Am I as knowledgeable as a real estate agent?

Before the internet became a common source of information, it was difficult for the laymen to find information on how to sell your property yourself. Back then, real estate agents were the only people who had access to property reports and property price data. For Sale For Lease can provide you with valuable information including data about recent sales, time on the market and growth and anticipated growth for the area of your interest. Having this information when you are determining the value of your property will help you achieve a successful sale.

Save on commission fees!

The average real estate agent charges 2.5-3.5% commission on properties they sell. For the average Australian home ($500,000) this represents approximately $12,500 to $17,500 in commission payments to the agent. Not to mention the advertising component. Avoiding large commissions guarantees you a larger profit on the sale of your property.

Why use For Sale For Lease?

At For Sale For Lease we understand that selling your own property can be a difficult process. To assist you with this, we provide you with all the services of a traditional real estate agency, whilst still allowing you to save on commission fees. The major job that will be left to you is conducting open for inspections and responding to enquiries from potential buyers, which we know from experience is a job that most home owners are well equipped to do. We will list your property on industry only sites including:

  6. and more

To learn more about each website, click here.

As a part of our service we also:

For Sale For Lease has seen the need to help people who want to sell privately to save money, but don’t have the expertise that a traditional agent can offer to assist with the process. Our ‘owner assist’ service provides all the benefits of a traditional real estate agency but with huge savings on commission payments. For Sale For Lease are fully licensed real estate advertising agents in all states and territories of Australia and have over 30 years experience in the real estate market. Selling your property doesn’t need to be that hard: For Sale For Lease provides all the support that For Sale by Owner private sales can’t provide.

For Sale For Lease can help you sell your property on your terms

With For Sale For Lease, not only do you NOT pay a commission, you also receive the benefits of a fully qualified real estate agent who will market your property on Australia’s top leading real estate websites. We have helped many home owners save literally thousands of dollars on commission fees when selling their home. For a small upfront fee and an ongoing monthly fee we can help our clients to save $17,500 in fees! Vendors now have an alternative to traditional For Sale by Owner websites.

For Sale For Lease can offer you:

  1. Huge savings on commission fees
  2. Professional advice and negotiating skills of qualified real estate agents
  3. Marketing for your property on agent only sites which attract the majority of all online property searches.

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