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For Sale By Owner – Reviews

When you are selling your home, there are an abundance of things to do. By hiring a professional real estate agent, you will save yourself time, but it will also cost you thousands of dollars. Selling your home by yourself can be both a blessing and a curse. There are people who have the contacts and know-how to do it all themselves, but for everyone else, there are companies and websites that offer advice and assistance. Below are just a few of these, and detail how they work.

For Sale By Owner is probably the first company you will find through a search engine. Its website lists only two packages for selling your home, and they are quite close in price ($699 and $969).

Their assistance is fairly comprehensive. At the least, they list your property on portals such as, supply a ‘for sale’ sign with miscellaneous promotional items to hand-out to prospective buyers, and arrange property reports to ensure you are asking for the right price or price range. Besides the cost, the only difference between these two packages is that the $969 option includes a listing on While Domain is a great home-buying website, you are much better off getting the cheaper package. However, there are plenty of other companies to look at before making a commitment.

Most of these companies provide the same selling aides, however this is one that is very reasonable in price. FSBO lists three packages, ranging from $89.95, to $349.95. This will of course look a lot better than $1000+ requested by a professional agent, and you get to actively participate in the process.

To begin with, all of the packages offer a twelve-month listing on their website. The Basic Package (the cheapest option) gives you the tools for a general listing (photos and video), with the Complete Package adding items to make your walk-throughs more professional (brochures and ‘for sale’ sign).

Past clients generally seem to be happy with the service they received, so this is a good option.

Agent In A Box offers not only two fairly comprehensive packages, but even has a $0 option that gives you a free listing for three months on their partner site. While the site may not be rampant with traffic, it is a good place to start. The other two packages available are the Essentials Package that costs $349, and the Ultimate Package, which costs $699. It is important to note that Agent In A Box explicitly states that these prices are the total until the end of the sale. This means that, unlike some other companies, you will not be charged additional rates and fees.

If you have a lot of expertise and contacts, then the free listing would be the way to go, however, most people use these companies because they do not have access to these things. To get the most out of using a service, the Ultimate Package would be the best choice, and it will still end up saving you a lot of time and money in the long-run.

There aren’t many client reviews posted on the internet, and though it is certainly impossible to please everybody, they at least seem to be capable of making even an unhappy client feel satisfied.

Once again we have a company that offers many of the same products and services, but offers different methods of payment. At For Sale For Lease, you can choose to pay an upfront fee of $299, plus $99 for each additional month the property is listed. While this is obviously a cheaper option at first glance, it is only worth it if the residential property sells quickly. Conversely, you could opt for the Until Sold option. This costs you $695 at the beginning of your contract, and nothing more for the entire duration of the listing. So, if you expect your property to be on the market for at least four months, the second option would be the better choice.

Their products and services are like those offered by other similar companies. Professional photos, ‘for sale’ signs, and brochures are all available, and will definitely help you to present an air of professionalism when dealing with prospective buyers by yourself.

It is good that there are no products or services restricted to those who choose the lower option, however what is included in their additional products and services should be clearer, as other companies include them in their asking prices.

As you can see, there are quite a few options for you to choose from when selling your own home. By doing this sort of research, you will make the whole experience a much more positive one.

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