You’ll need to think about how often you entertain and how many people you may have over at any given time. Maybe you simply want a nice, romantic spot or a family-oriented area for everyone to enjoy. Whatever you envision for your patio, the end result is achievable by adjusting things such as outdoor chairs, outdoor tables, other seating options, lighting, and live plants, among numerous other options.

Arguably the single most important aspect of a great patio space is seating. Think about how many people you’d like to accommodate and provide plenty of comfortable seating. You’ll need durable cushions that can withstand the elements. Think about furniture made from iron since it will last longer and is visually pleasing. You may decide to have a love seat and other smaller chairs grouped together, along with a patio table and chairs in another area of the patio. Big boulders are beautiful and natural additions to a patio area and they can also be used for seating.

The lighting you incorporate into your patio area is hugely important in creating the general mood of the area. Candlelight, fire, and dimly-lit lanterns all create a very warm and even romantic feel. Consider solar lighting around boulders, if you have them, and around the boundaries of the patio. You could even string white lights on a nearby tree or on a fence, gazebo, or pergola. Fire pits and chimineas are wonderful additions to an outdoor space because they create warmth and are also fun gathering areas. Who doesn’t love a s’more?

Live plants in containers are essential in creating your warm and inviting outdoor patio area. They provide colour and life and even add depth to the patio, which is helpful if you are decorating a small area. Group potted plants in the corners of the patio mixing complementary colours and greenery. Research how to create beautiful container gardens on the Internet. There are loads of different options for creating depth to small spaces and adding great greens and other colours. Hanging plants work wonders for patios if you have a place to hang them, such as from a gazebo, pergola, or other type of overhang. Consider planting some herbs as well, such as rosemary or basil. These smell wonderfully fresh and can also be incorporated in your cooking. There are hundreds of different and creative ideas on the Internet involving gardening, including using old pallets to make vertical planters, so feel free to be creative in making your patio open and inviting to all.

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