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review of you planning on selling your property in Australia? Stop right there before you contact a real estate agent! If you are not yet aware of the growing trend in the buying and selling of real estate these days, it’s about time you learned that the modern method of advertising and selling your home today is by doing it directly yourself and thus saving a lot of money in the process, regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller.

With the amazing exposure that private sales websites can provide for sellers like you at a very low cost (and sometimes even for free), you certainly will be able to enjoy the entire selling price of your property. If you are not sure how to go about it, is one of the better websites around that can help you in this regard. Before you go ahead and signup with BuyMyPlace, there several reviews online that may be good to read before you make your decision.

The Benefits of Listing at

Carefully studying each review will inform you that this website is certainly one of the more professional players in this field. Aside from providing maximum exposure to thousands of prospective buyers, you can also take advantage of their helpful and easy-to-navigate site which is sure to attract plenty of potential buyers. In addition, you can expect a quick response to your query and a published listing in a short period of time. Hence, this drives you closer to your goal – a successful sale that puts the entire commission back in your own pocket, not in your agents pocket. With Buy My Place, there are no commissions to be paid.

Furthermore, you can also take advantage of this website’s additional services included in your chosen package. For instance, the Standard Package already includes online ads, six photos, professional support, printable property brochures, a For Sale board, and a discounted property value report. These are all very essential in helping you make your desired sale. Sellers can also opt for the Professional and Premium packages which offer other add-ons such as provision for more photos.

Tons of Positive Feedback

Online testimonials that you will encounter in different reviews show that many sellers were happy and satisfied with the services. You will find more of these on the website itself, detailing their actual experiences and being thankful about going for private home sales instead of hiring a local estate agent. Numerous accounts mention the big savings they were able to gain simply by foregoing the conventional method of using a middle man and paying out a hefty commission.

Many people who have tried private sales with can attest to the speed, ease, and flexibility. Your property will be advertised to a truck load of potential buyers with a professional and enticing look and description. You can monitor enquiries, entertain questions and host viewings yourself. You can converse directly with a buyer and negotiate without having to worry about waiting around for real estate agents to do their job.

With customer representatives to assist you step by step and to attend to your needs and concerns, along with a user-friendly and attractive website and members area, you can definitely make the most of the sale of your property by posting your listing with