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LIVE IN 24 HOURS – Review & Comparison

compare australian private realty to for sale for leaseHave you tried to sell your property using a real estate agent and have you been unsuccessful? are an alternative to hiring traditional agents who may take too long to find you buyer and who may charge you exorbitant amounts in agent fees and commissions. have a different approach to real estate sales. market your property to help you find prospective buyers and then “APR” let you do all the rest. All the negotiating and closing the sale is done by you so that you can save on commission and put the profit back into your own pocket. APR don’t demand any commission; all you have to pay them an initial listing fee and when you sell your property, you can keep all the proceeds.

According to the reviews, that is by far what their clients appreciate most: that their approach, as simple as it is, has helped their customers to save thousands of dollars that they would have otherwise paid to a real estate agent.

How Do Work?

When you list your property, market it as extensively as possible., unlike many other FSBO providers, purely use their own website to market your property and it will be located exclusively on their website. APR have extensive exposure across the internet and target specific terms in Google in order to help you to sell your own home. can also provide you with signs so that buyers within your local area will also know that your property is on the market. also offer you a support system that gives you guidance and advice any time you need it. Prospective buyers get in touch with you directly and this allows you to negotiate with them directly. Many buyers and prospects prefer this method of buying as they are cutting out the middle man essentially and believe they will get a better deal on the property that is for sale.

Other than saving yourself on fees and commissions, are there any other obvious advantages for selling with Australian Private Realty?

Below Are Some Of The Reasons To Consider Australian Private Realty

  1. Australian Private Realty believe that their website is all you need to get the desired result. The more more people who see your property, enquire on it, the more interest there is, the more offers there are and the higher you will get for your property.
  2. APR believe┬áthat they can help you to sell much faster than if you were to use a real estate agent. There are no lazy agents who are trying to sell multiple properties, it’s just you and the buyer.
  3. have a team that is ready to take you through the process if you need help. The fact is that selling a house is not rocket science but real estate agents don’t want to let you in on this.

As you can see, there is no need to pay a real estate agent thousands of dollars for them to do something that you can do yourself. It is relatively easy to sell property and get a good price for it using They allow you to take charge so that you can sell your property whichever way you feel suits you and in such a way that allows you to save thousands in the process.