Plumbing is extremely important in a house, no matter how undelightful the prospect of dirty water draining through pipes. Before starting any serious renovations for your for-sale house, have your plumbing system checked and repaired. It would be disastrous if you find out that you have to destroy a major house update because of an underlying plumbing issue.

Perform a few of these plumbing checks around the house before you commit to a major house undertaking.

Water pressure. Common knowledge is that plumbing is concerned where water is involved. Check if your taps have adequate pressure especially on second and succeeding floors. Water pressure can also include checking the negative pressure your drainages have to prevent backflow of dirty water. The latter is trickier to detect and fix because it has more to do with your pipes positioning.

Pro tip: To detect a blocked drainage, turn all taps and faucets on with stoppered drainages. Once your sinks and tubs are full to the brim, let all the water drain all at the same time. Usual culprits to a clogged drainage are twigs and tree branches, or the more serious collapsed pipe.

Toilets. The mortal enemy of plumbers and house-repair-inclined husbands. Inspect your toilet’s ability to flush, which factors in some common plumber knowledge like the amount of water it requires to flush, and the force of the flush.

Pipe leaks. Yes, yes we know, you’ve already checked and probably repainted the exposed pipes. Now it’s time to trace your pipework’s and find if you missed any faulty piping hiding behind walls and under floors. If you do find any, make sure to have the resulting water damage cleaned and repaired aside from the pipes themselves.

Water heating system. Find out if your heating system is at death’s door by checking the temperature and amount of hot water you’re getting. An obvious sign your heating service needs to go is water discoloration and maybe a blood-tinged smell, indicating corrosion or sediment build up. Have your heating system checked out or if you have the budget upgraded if you think it’s a smarter alternative to repair.

Roof and gutter. If you’ve had a feeling your roof is not doing its job of keeping the rain out, then it might be time to have your roof and gutters repaired. If you’re still not convinced after seeing the  big ugly water stain on the second floor ceiling, check your roof for any missing shingles or patches of lichen and moss (black algae stains are fine). They are signs of underlying roof decay.

Most buyers plunge into the real estate world without first thinking if their house is ready. Be one of the few smart home sellers and have your plumbing or your house’s bloodstream and urinary tract checked and repaired to avoid future headaches.

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