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Sell A Business Online in Australia

When it comes to business cash flow is king. Here at For Sale For Lease we know that when you are thinking about how to sell a business your main concerns are going to be speed, cost, and efficiency. If you are wondering how to sell a business fast without paying high commissions and fees, then take advantage of our low-cost, high quality service. Our commitment to quality means that we even offer a money back guarantee. While confident in our ability to help you to sell a business online, if you feel that your business has not sold quickly enough, we can help you to find and negotiate with a local agent for a great commission and fee structure. When your business sells, we will refund any upfront payment you made to us.

We offer two main options for selling your business, a single up-front payment of $700 for our Until Sold option, or an up-front fee of $350 for a three month service. This can then be renewed for the same price every quarter. Regardless of which option you choose you will receive a listing of your business on a number of leading sites including and Your account will also allow you to alter and edit your listing to reflect changing market conditions so that you can change the price, add new photos or update your description.

So, What Type Of Businesses Do We Help Our Customers To Sell?

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have to sell, chances are, we can help you to list and sell it. Below is a preliminary list of some of the categories that we help people to list their businesses within but don’t be alarmed if your business is not there, simply give us a call and we’ll let you know whether we can list it and what the list fee will be to sell your business privately through our online listing service.

  1. Accommodation / Travel
  2. Automotive & Mechanical Workshops
  3. Health and/or Beauty Salons
  4. Bars & Nightclubs
  5. Cafes & Restaurants
  6. Franchise Based Businesses
  7. General Services Based Businesses
  8. Import & Export
  9. Manufacturing Businesses
  10. Entertainment Businesses
  11. Online / Web-Based Businesses
  12. Professional / Consulting
  13. Retail Businesses
  14. Rural / Agricultural
  15. Transport / Distribution

If you are thinking, “Is there a way to sell my business fast?” then you might be interested in some of our additional optional extras. These include a number of different tools for advertising and promoting your sale including brochures, photographs and floor plans, promotional signs for your premises and a listing.

Why Use US Over A Business Broker When Selling Your Business?

You might be thinking‚ ”Why should I sell my business with For Sale For Lease? When I can sell my business online myself…” Well, when you choose to sell with For Sale For Lease you gain access to the industry websites where the majority of property searches take place, something that you cannot access as a private individual, you must be a registered business broker with the Australian Institute of Business Brokers or a licensed Real Estate agent who is a part of the REIA. This wide exposure helps you to gain more exposure to interested buyers, meaning a greater chance of the best price and a fast sale. As we don’t act on commission, you know that our advice and information is open and honest. Below are some of the websites that we will list your business on when you choose to sell a business through our service:


With more than 30 years of experience in real estate and selling businesses, our professional team can help you with questions like ”Can you advise me on how to sell my business?” while leaving the handling of inquiries and viewings in the hands of the person who knows the business best, you.

How To Sell A Business with For Sale For Lease

It couldn’t be easier to get started with For Sale For Lease. Our commitment to making things easy for you extends to our listing process. Just click on the “List Your Business” button to begin the process. Fill in the form with your contact details, business description and photographs, then choose from our various optional extras. Make the payment for your chosen products and services and then fill in the General Sales Authority Form that we will send you.

Send that form back and then it is up to us. We can often have your listing live and running within 24 hours. Anyone who has been thinking “How do I sell my business?” will see just how quick and easy it can be.

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