In arguably the hardest part of selling a house is depersonalisation. Essentially, a house is the embodiment of accumulated memories and personalities of the people who have lived inside it. So it is sometimes hard to accept the fact that buyers are looking for a house that they can make their own. To make this process easier, we’ve prepared a list of which stuff you should get rid offㅡor at least put out of sightㅡbefore potential buyers examine your for-sale-house.


Remove any photos. Yes. All of them! This especially includes family portraits, graduation portraits, and selfies.Not only do they provide distraction, but they also alienate your house viewers by hindering their ability to enter this-could-be-my-house mode. Of course, you’ll keep them safe and sound someplace else. We recommend piling them and tying them up, with cardboard or corrugated cartons in between to avoid frame or glass damage.

Pro tip: Instead of photos, hang up some art instead. You can set the mood for a particular room with a particular art, a technique used by professional home stagers to up sale rates. Buyers also appreciate them more because: real talk, you’re goal on visiting a candidate future house isn’t to gawk at other people’s lives. Duh.


Same story here. No one cares if you were an outstanding ballet dancer, or awarded MVP in your junior high basketball career. Save them for later to put up in your next house where visitors are interested in you. And to keep them safe and snug until then, use bubble wrap.


Again. No. One. Cares. Okay, they are cool for some people. But not everyone shares your passion for taxidermied squirrels in superhero poses. We imagine they wereㅡand still areㅡsuper distracting for anyone that enters your house, taxidermy fanatics or not. They can also block other important items from your buyer’s eyes and be considered clutter because they eat up a lot of space.


This room was singled out of all the others because of the sheer amount of personal care products it harbours. Sometimes, because of this, buyers tend to take only a peek at the bathroom once they spot your soiled towels and rows of deodorants. Give your buyers a chance to examine your bathroom by removing everything on your bathroom counters, tub, and shelves. Of course who would want to see a bare bathroom so put back essential items like towels, dry soap(emphasis on dry), bath salts or candles.

Pro tip: Keep your bathroom necessities in a bathroom basket. Once buyers pay you a visit, simply stow them away in your bathroom cabinets neatly for when you encounter thorough and purposeful buyers.

Stripping your house of the imprints you left in it is a painful and painstaking process. But it pays your efforts back a ton by selling your house faster. Arm yourself with these tips, and you’ll never alienate or creep buyers out!

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