If the idea of your upcoming home or apartment renovations has you stressing out – you’re not alone! Although going through the remodeling process is certainly hectic, there is absolutely no need for you and your family to lose your heads. By staying organized and making use of a temporary storage facility, you can protect your belongings and maintain your sanity from the start of your project to the finish. Here are a few idea for organizing and storing your personal belongings during a home renovation.


Before the construction crew arrives, you should have an idea of which items you will need to pack up and relocate to other areas of your home or place in temporary storage. Keep in mind that your home will be subject to dust and debris in the perimeter surrounding the work area. If your kitchen is being remodeled, for example, you may also want to store and protect your furniture and belongings in an adjoining dining room or family room.


Your most fragile belongings should be packed first. It’s smart to attend to glass, crystal, china, stoneware, etc. that is situated in the room(s) to be remodeled as well as those items that are situated near adjoining walls. This is because vibrations, hammering, and banging from your construction team could cause damage to belongings in other rooms. Be sure to wrap all fragile pieces in several layers of newspaper or bubble wrap to ensure their protection.


When the renovations are completed and it’s time to unpack, it is very important that you can distinguish what is what. Fragile items should be marked for handling with care, and you should be able to tell what boxes contain your dinnerware as opposed to a box of old papers and keepsakes that you meant to keep in your basement or storage facility.


If your belongings can be folded or disassembled, take advantage of it! Removing the legs from tables and folding up items so that they can lay flat will make it so much easier for you to fit your items into your attic, basement, or temporary storage facility. It’s also a smart idea to pack away smaller items in file boxes or storage containers in order to save money on boxes. Be sure to keep an organized list of where you have placed all of these small belongings.


Just because you have a basement or an attic doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best place for storage. In extreme weather, the temperature in your attic could cause damage to your belongings, and even a small leak in your roofing could destroy precious keepsakes. Both attic’s and basements should be checked for signs of water damage or critters that could wreak havoc on your furniture and other items.


If you have a lot of belongings to store, or if you do not feel confident in the protection of your items within your home, it’s a smart idea to keep your things in a temporary storage facilities. Many facilities offer monthly rates or pay-as-you-go deals so that you won’t have to pay for the space for any longer than you actually need it. Temporary storage is the best idea for home’s that are undergoing substantial renovation projects and will keep your items safe and organized without disrupting your living space.

Undergoing a home renovation project is no reason to lose your cool. By adhering to these tips for packing and storing your items in an organized way, you’ll have a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Paul Benjamin works for EZ Storage, a self storage company providing clean and secure storage units. If you’re looking for clean, secure St. Louis storage units, visit EZMini.com.

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