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“I sold my place through For Sale For Lease. Must have been 10 hours work and saved myself 20 grand. That’s great result!”

For Sale For Lease takes pride on providing assistance to private owners on selling their property, saving thousands on agent’s commissions.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt and efficient service. We look forward to utilising the services of For Sale For Lease again in the future.”

Sharlene – Doubleview, WA

“I would Like to thank you for all your help during the listing. I’ve been very impressed with your product and your follow up support team, and would have no hesitation in recommending you and using you again.”

Bob Beavis

“I cannot thank ‘For Sale For Lease’ enough. Without ‘For Sale For Lease’ I would not have been able to agree on a price on my house within 4 days, exchange contracts within 6 and obtain a record price for my house (compared to others in my street). Instead I would have paid a real estate agent an extra $24,000 (including advertising costs) for the sale of my house and for what? In total, it cost me less than $1000 in advertising costs to sell my house. Thank you ‘For Sale For Lease’ I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Lisa – Brighton-Le Sands, NSW

“After countless meetings with real estate agents who offered little in return for their vast commission fees, we decided to try selling our home without an agent. For Sale For Lease offered a great-value service that was very quick and easy to set up. Inquiries about the property flooded in very quickly, with prospective buyers’ details forwarded to us straight away. Customer service from the team was outstanding, with prompt & helpful support available to clarify anything we were unsure about. It was always very easy to get in contact with somebody from the team either by e-mail or on the phone. Our property was on the market for around 4 weeks before selling, with a sale price above what we asked for and far in excess of what the agents promised us. Would most definitely use this service again, and we will be spreading the word – we have saved thousands in agent fees and are more than happy with the outcome – can’t believe more people don’t sell this way!!”

Melissa – Bayswater, VIC

“We first tried to sell our property through a commercial agency, but after weeks of poor communication and misleading information by our agent, we became disillusioned and start looking at other options. We’d considered selling the property ourselves before, but were put off because there seemed to be no way to get our house advertised on the major real estate websites. Then we found For Sale For Lease, and they were great! For a very low price, our property was listed everywhere we wanted it to be, and they were extremely helpful and friendly while answering the many questions we had before we signed up. No more hassling the agent, asking if there had been any interest – For Sale For Lease contacted us as soon as an enquiry came through. Being able to show people around the house ourselves turned out to be an added benefit. Everyone that looked at the property said how much more comfortable they felt talking to us, and how much better it was to be shown around by someone that could actually answer all their questions! So the only regret we have with For Sale For Lease is that we didn’t find them straight away. Highly recommended – why would you pay someone thousands of dollars to do something that you can do yourself?”

David- Warranwood, VIC 

“After reading books and really doing our homework, we decided to have a go at selling our home ourselves. With the amount in commissions that an agent can take from the sale price, not to mention unwanted or rather unnecessary advertising and promo costs, it just made sense to try ourselves. We found “” and couldn’t believe how cheap and easy it all appeared to be….there must be a catch! But there was no catch and it was all explained and made so easy. We had our house on the market for less time than a lot of other houses in our area who were listed with an agent and we managed to sign a contract with the people face to face. All up including solicitors fees, getting our own contracts drawn up, building inspections and “” fees it saved us thousands and thousands of much needed dollars. We cannot thank the staff enough for their support and assistance throughout the whole procedure. I would recommend “” to anybody thinking of selling their home.”

Peter – Warner, QLD

“We were all thoroughly delighted with the result. The service and advice received from yourself and the rest of the crew at For Sale For Lease was of immense value & gave us the confidence to go ahead and sell Mum’s home ourselves.”

Helen – Dunolly, VIC

“I sold my home in one month using the services of They were prompt in forwarding enquiries to me and provided helpful advice when I needed it. It was easy uploading my photographs and copy to list on all of the major real estate websites. I saved over $12,000 in commission fees simply by using Anyone that is thinking of selling their own home should consider their services”.

Jodie – Abbotsbury, NSW

“Leasing our home via was easy. We found a tenant in under a week! We\’re extremely happy with the service delivered by your staff and would definetly recommend to others. Thanks”

KK and CM – Newtown, Sydney

“I would like to thank you for your website and service. It has been an absolute pleasure selling our own house. We know it better than any local real estate agent and could point out all its great points. We also knew that those who came and saw our property were genuinely interested in it. Once again, thank you for your service.”

E & G Stafford – Landsborough, VIC 

“I would rate the experience of selling my first unit as 9/10. Your were very supportive and did everything I wanted asap!! I will use you again!! I am telling my friends and family as well.”

Ben – Ashfield, NSW

“I can not recommend the team at highly enough. After many months of frustratingly cheeky offers from prospective buyers through a licensed estate agent, and nothing but disappointing results. I decided I had no choice left but to list my property privately. Initially I was hesitant in doing so, primarily because our circumstances meant that we had to leave our property and rent it to friends short term until it sold. Further more there were certain covenants surrounding the estate that did not appeal to every buyer, and I had not even come close to finishing the landscaping on the place. So against what I considered were all odds, I listed my property reluctantly, hoping and praying it would sell from where I was, over 2000 klms away.

All I can say now is that I would never consider using an agent again. I’m sure anyone whose been involved with selling or buying a property has witnessed “some agents” devour each other for the purpose of a single listing. Yes the spots don’t fall to far to the ground I’m afraid. Although not all agents should be considered to have the same ‘out of touch’ approach to dealing with people, some of the agents who will remain unnamed did make life difficult for us. Well I thought I\’m not paying tens of thousands of dollars for this kind of carry on. On the contrary however, the information the website and team from have available for novices like me is second to none. The exposure they include in the listing is very extensive as well. So much so that I was getting one enquiry a week from genuine buyers in what was considered at the time a very flat market. Frankly I never realised it would be so easy to sell a house. I believe the assistance and exposure the team at Forsaleforlease provide is ironclad testament as to why such a property was made so easy to sell.

So the big question – What did I sell the place for? You would be excused for thinking I had to come down in price to sell so quickly, but not all. I sold within a month of listing for the asking price, and guess who got to pocket nearly $20.000.00 in real-estate commissions Woot Woot !!!! Not bad just before Christmas I’d say.

My many thanks and deep appreciation goes to the helpful friendly team at If you are thinking of either buying or selling then I would suggest that you have nothing to fear and everything to gain. Listing your property costs literal peanuts but the difference is you are not dealing with monkeys. I value friendly, honest, transparent business dealings. Folks who go out of their way to be helpful to their clients, who are not interested in running other businesses down in order to get business of their own. If you value the same ethics and wish to be treated as a person rather than a sales figure, then give the team at Forsaleforlease a go, you’ll be saying the same thing as me for certain.”

Darrin – Coffs Harbour, NSW

“Thank you. The use of your site was instrumental in selling our property.”

Gary – Cammeray, NSW

“I’ve had a great response and am very happy with the service you’ve provided. I’ve found some great tenants.”

Georgie – Richmond, VIC

“We used forsaleforlease to lease out our property while we moved overseas. As owners of 7 other rental properties in various countries we found this process the easiest yet. We signed up on Tuesday morning and our property was on every website by 2pm that afternoon! The enquiries did not stop and we had 9 couples through to inspect on the Saturday. Our property was leased on the Monday! Such an easy and inexpensive process. Cannot recommend enough!”

B & C Barnett – Gold Coast, QLD

“I would like to say that having my 2 rental properties listed with ForSaleForLease has certainly made the process very easy & helped me to expand my potential rental market for these properties.”

Christine – Leanyer, NT

“Thanks for the great job you guys have done! I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the response we have received for our rental in brisbane. The market is on fire! Thanks again, we will definitely recommend you and use your fine services again.”

Michelle – Mitchelton, QLD

“I chose to list and sell my property myself rather than go through an agent and pay expensive commissions. For Sale For Lease was a fabulous site that listed my property for a fraction of the cost and made it accessable to potential purchasers. The site is user friendly and there were many responses to my advertisement. I was very satisfied with the service provided by For Sale For Lease and would definitely recommend. Thank you!”

Loula – Northcote, VIC

“I listed with FSFL on a Monday lunchtime and was contacted by my eventual tenant the next morning. How easy and cheap was that and, I didn\’t have to fumble around with real estate agents. Thank you FSFL.”

Paul – Brisbane, QLD

“Hello, I would like to say that using For Sale For Lease to sell my apartment was very easy. Enquiries in regard to my property were forwarded promptly. I only needed to have one general open inspection to sell my unit and I received offers from 3 buyers from 12 people who inspected the property. I think the traditional real estate industry should expect that more people will sell their own property in the future.”

Cheryl – West Ryde, NSW

“We listed the unit at $1.225 mil and we got $1.212 mil which we were very happy with. Your site is very easy to use and I appreciated all the help, even with my silly questions, you made the whole process relatively painless.”

Julie – Pyrmont, NSW